Jaguar Land Rover – Brussels Motor Show 2020

Jaguar Land Rover – Brussels Motor Show 2020


Agency: Creaplan nv

Client: Jaguar Land Rover

Event Name: Brussels Motor Show 2020

Agency Website:

The Brief

For the Brussels Motor Show 2020, Jaguar Land Rover chose Creaplan as local partner, as sustainable and economical alternative to their usual UK partner. The stand design had to follow a very strict brand guide, with a strong focus on premiumness and a VIP feeling in every corner of the stand.

An extra challenge was to display the two separate brands, Jaguar and Land Rover, in harmony on one stand with both of them still retaining their own identity.

We also had to incorporate a merchandising store customised so that the products were shown to their full advantage while establishing the luxury brand at the same time.

Customer experience was an important aspect as well.

The coordination of the different partners was another challenge: from catering and software to the placement of the vehicles, we had to make sure all materials and colour choices of different parties matched the Jaguar Land Rover corporate identity.

Special attention went to the visitor flow of the stand, with different flows for casual visitors, leads to back office sales booths, VIP customers to the lounge area, the staff, cleaning services etc.

The Solution and Activation

For the dual stand of Jaguar Land Rover, luxury is at the heart of the design.

At the Jaguar part of the stand, we used high-grade materials and elegant designer furniture to convey a sense of luxury and to fully immerse the visitor in the Jaguar experience. Different car models are shown on the stand, accompanied by information displays next to the cars that inform the visitors.

At the Land Rover part of the stand, this sense of luxury and quality is continued but an extra layer is added in which it’s all about exploring adventure. The new Defender got its own lounge on the second floor of the booth. We also added a climbing wall as entertainment for visitors, which fitted in very well with Land Rover’s adventurous sporty identity.

Visitors could have their pictures taken on the wall with the background converted into a landscape to make it look like they were climbing a mountain together with Tom Waes, a famous Belgian actor and adventurous TV producer. The best photos were rewarded with a present, the Land Rover Defender Lego model. In this part of the booth, dark wooden planks were used as a repeated design element. The result is a natural atmosphere and a high-end look and feel.

Our designers used qualitative materials exclusively and our craftsmen made sure every detail was looked after meticulously – without compromising on convenience: made up of two floors, the enormous stand housed a comfortable lounge with bar, a merchandise store, over 25 separate sales booths in the back office with waiting room, and over 200 m2 of backstage space for staff.

The Results

Despite the lower visitor turnout of -8% at the Brussels Motor Show (approximately 501,189 visitors in 2020 compared to 542,566 the previous edition) Jaguar Land Rover had a super result: 22% more price quotations/leads compared to previous editions, which is worth mentioning in a highly competitive automotive market.

Social media numbers boomed as well: the fun climbing videos on the Defender floor with Land Rover ambassador Tom Waes generated lots of buzz before, during and after the show, with 884K people reached, 11K people engaging with content and video views reaching over 254K.