Kambi at ICE Gaming

Kambi at ICE Gaming


Agency: Freeman

Client: Kambi

Event Name: ICE Gaming

Agency Website: www.freeman.com/emea

The Brief

Kambi is a leading B2B provider of premium sports betting services to B2C gaming operators.

Building on the success of 2018’s Ultimate Freedom Campaign, their aim for 2019 was to improve engagement rates and enhance their market profile, specifically through promoting their Sportsbook software – which powers some of the biggest brands in the sector, online and on-land, across the UK, Europe and USA.

ICE Gaming London is an annual flagship event in the industry calendar: for Kambi as it’s an opportunity to:
• Build their brand
• Present their key brand and marketing messages for the year to potential and existing clients,
• Develop sales leads
• Enter new markets

Freeman have been part of the Kambi success story for over four years, delivering stands for events around the world.

Kambi is committed to demonstrating its leadership in the gaming sector. Our bespoke design needed to reinforce this positioning.

Our brief was to creatively achieve their event objectives:
• Enhance brand presence and deliver brand impact on the show floor

• Communicate their brand values clearly and impactfully

• Promote their Sportsbooks by creating a live and interactive stand to reflect its working environment

• Create a customer-centric space, to encourage interest, footfall, and conversation

• Foster the creation of meaningful sales leads through stand design

• Include meeting areas of varying shapes and sizes, and showcase area to demo IPad and IPhone experiences of their products and brands

• Maintain their strong, recognisable branding with its clean, white, quality brand feel

• Deliver an engaging, modern space with meeting areas of varying shapes and sizes, and informative product showcases

• Incorporate the dedicated coffee bar area, manned by the same barista, which has been an integral component of their stand for the last four years.

The Solution

Kambi’s stand for ICE 2018 captured the ambiance and busy, engaged and lively feel of a betting shop or casino – combined with the clean lines and messages of their overall brand image.

The client was keen to retain the 2018 style for ICE 2019. Whilst respecting that, we wanted to push the impact further and wider using new concepts which built on the idea and atmosphere. We achieved this and ‘wowed’ the client with the result.

Promoting brand and key messaging
We added high overhead branding and large roof-suspended LED split-screen and introduced additional interactivity to demonstrate Kambi’s multi-channel betting experience.

Our design concept aimed to draw visitor attention to the stand with an elevated large branding feature and active screens showcasing both the sporting action of the events themselves and the ‘real-time’ betting action.

This delivered impact, branding and visual action – achieving Kambi’s objective of brand impact and presence on the show floor, while also communicating an experience and environment that aligns with their brand values.

Customer centric stand design
It delivered a light and spacious stand space below on the floor, where products could be displayed and customers and the Kambi team could engage and do business, relaxing in the clean and uncluttered seating and standing areas.

Freeman’s creative solution captured the sense of being out there in the midst of the action – and provided a customer-centric environment, giving a real Kambi Brand experience, unique and different from the rest of the exhibitors…and ensured a memorable visitor experience for everyone who came to the stand.

The Activation

Freeman designed the ICE 2019 stand around Kambi’s core brand values – sophisticated, premium, cutting-edge – and matched this concept with a satisfying visitor experience.

• To deliver the ‘live sporting event vibe’ and sense of space, Freeman created a stand two-thirds larger than 2018.

• The design featured a fully-branded circular installation high overhead – with a stylised gap breaking the circle – to complement the smooth, gentle curves with spaces between them which helped define the seating and meeting spaces.

• This created a real presence within the show – distinctive and unmissable, ensuring that the Kambi brand stood out whichever direction the stand was approached from.

• Suspended within but just below the circle were two large-scale triangular prisms, with LCD multi-screens on each side presenting live sports and betting odds action, at a height that drew attention and helped create the live event feel.

• We used this combination of curves and clean straight lines – and the single Kambi-branding colour against white – to create a harmonious, contemporary look throughout.

• We kept the graphics simple and clean too – with key brand messages and the logos of Kambi and their operating partners the only written content. This stand was all about watching and talking, not reading.

Block seating and high bar-stools, with stylish backs echoing the overhead circle, combined with curved low walls and counters to create the variety of meeting spaces the client wanted – and central to it all was the popular coffee bar and barista, a feature which has become a real draw and differentiator for Kambi. Who can resist the aroma of fresh coffee?

Develop leads and promote Sportsbook
It extended stand-stay too, as visitors sipped on drinks while browsing interactive ‘product shop’ displays… and helped create an informal, sociable atmosphere – ideal for opening up conversations before moving into the seated areas to further engagement.

The Results

The client was incredibly pleased with the end product, and the stand was buzzing with top-tier visitors throughout the three days.

Gerald Starkey, Kambi’s Head of Content said…
”We’ve gone quite big again this year as you can see from our stand. Really impressive, and it’s going to be a great few days for us to do some business in.”

By the end of the show, his enthusiasm proved to be justified:
“Being here over the last three days I can honestly say we’ve had really good interest in Kambi. It’s really satisfying to see this all come together.”

Christina Haralambous, Head of Marketing Communications, Kambi
Visitor and sales statistics are confidential to Kambi. However we can confirm that the stand delivered a measurable increase in customer engagement and satisfaction. All KPI’s and objectives were met and our key client contact confirmed that the design and delivery exceeded expectations.

Specifically noted by the client as design strengths:
• The overhead installation and suspended multi media screens gave the stand a high profile in both senses.

• Once attracted to the stand, the barista coffee service helped create the ideal environment for engaging with visitors in the range of seating and meeting spaces.

• Taking the on-screen action up high created not just visual appeal and the opportunity to demonstrate Kambi’s market leading Sportsbook software – but also space below and talking-points for customer and Kambi team interaction.

• Combining impactful design with a satisfying visitor experience, Freeman successfully impacted stand footfall, which increased the volume and quality of meaningful sales conversations.

• All changes and improvements were captured in the formal debrief for future events.

Success is also confirmed by our growing partnership with Kambi, taking in projects at G2E in Las Vegas and the European Lottery Congress in 2019 and the ICE stand for 2020.