Kodak @ DRUPA

Kodak @ DRUPA

Award: Best Stand at a Print Event – DIAMOND

Agency: Jack Morton

Client: Kodak

Event Name: DRUPA

Agency Website:  jackmorton.com





Kodak asked Jack Morton to design their brand experience at drupa, the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world. We didn’t want to merely build a stand. We wanted to create a dramatic home for an iconic brand that has reinvented itself as a natural home for creative minds.



Kodak wanted to generate awareness and leads.


Target audience:

Print professionals and influencers. The audience at drupa was passionate about the cross-over between the digital world and the real world. They loved the ability to create actual print that you hold in your hands – images that can’t be swiped into oblivion with the flick of a thumb or that fail to exist when the power runs out.


Insight and strategy:

When it comes to creativity, Kodak has existed to actively empower creative individuals over more than a century. The brand experience at drupa needed to reflect that Kodak’s relationship with creativity isn’t just skin-deep – it runs through to the heart of who they are and has the power to reinvigorate the brand.



Introducing Kodak Quarter. A regenerated urban space designed to celebrate the best of print media.



Because our idea was to have the brand experience look like a regenerated city hot-spot, our urban-city concept provided a new way to structure Kodak’s offerings.

  • A mini-mart held all the product packaging.
  • A gallery featured posters.
  • A New York loft featured all the unusual objects that could be printed by inkjets.
  • A newsstand held all kinds of paper prints.
  • Cafés were filled with designer coffee table books and meeting spaces were filled with free high-quality prints that visitors were encouraged to take with them.
  • Distinctively branded yellow bags contained brochures and small gifts, providing a mobile brand presence as people who took them walked through the exhibition space.



  • 181% of revenue target achieved
  • 135 press hits
  • 81k total visitors to Kodak Quarter

With the help of Jack Morton, Kodak surpassed their goals, reinvigorated their brand, and showed the world that creativity is at
the heart of Kodak.