Award: Best Feature Area – RONZE

Agency: Konligo

Client: EasyFairs

Event Name: MoOD+Indigo fair

Agency Website: konligo.com




The Brief:  

Easyfairs, the fair organisation, wanted to create an inspiration space for next wave in textile trends during the MoOD+Indigo fair in Brussels
We had different requirements for the stand
– It had to be high and big, so that people could enter and be inspired
– It had to be fascinating and therefore we had to avoid rectangular frames.
– It had to be modular and reusable, so that it could be used for different fairs.
– At last, the structure would have to be installed easily without professional staff


The Solution:

We designed “Ondo” (which is Esperanto for “Wave”) as a big wave of 100m² with a height of 6m, characterising the enormous speed we are running into the future with.

In the structure, our partner BigFish.agency who were responsible for the visuals focused on 3 major trends.

– The first one is all about co-creation, about co-op with specialists from the domains outside of textiles.
– The second is about the circular economy which is heading towards us with the impact of a tsunami.
– The third focus is on the opinion drivers in the interior: designers and architects with a vision, blogs, design experiments, fashion, movies,… and their influence on colour, on texture and patterns.

These trends were reflected through the shape of the impressive structure and the decoration of the latest. By varying between panels, textile elements and a table in a wave shape, we provided the feeling of being part of this next wave.

At last, the whole idea of the Ondo was to have an eye-catching structure but that fits into the idea of circular economy: it is a reusable exhibition stand that can be used a one big feature area combining modules of 50m².



In order to deliver Ondo for the MoOD+indigo fair, we were part of a co-creation process between three players in the stand exhibition world: Easyfairs (the buyers and fair organisers), Bigfish.agency (responsible for marketing and decoration) and Konligo (stand builder, we designed and set up the structure).

A very good communication between all the three parties made the collaboration very interesting. As a young start-up, we were very glad that a big fair player as Easyfairs decided to trust us in the design of the Ondo, their most impressive feature area of the exhibition.

For the marketing company Bigfish.agency, it was a very big challenge, as the structure was completely new and not yet built. Therefore, they have made the whole conceptual design of the decoration based on the theoretical drawings.

Because it was the first time a deployable structure of this size was ever built, it was very exciting and thrilling but also stressful to build the structure and making sure it could be deployed easily. However, even with the small start-up team of Konligo, we managed to deliver on time and without any problems. That was a relief and we were very glad of the result.


The Result:

We have a very happy Easyfairs client as outcome of this project. A structure of 14x7x6m was deployed in less than 2 hours and in a very easy way (can be seen in the video). It was a very impressive moment.

After deploying the structure, it was up to Easyfairs and Bigfish.agency to decorate the structure in order to welcome the visitors in a beautiful inspiration space.

As you will be able to read in the next part, we received very great feedback on the structure. Everybody who passed by was very pleased and found it very original.


Feedback from visitors:

1. I like the 3D effect of the panels hanging at various depths and using nicely the lower volumes available.

2. I like the warmth effect with the warmlight contrasting with the metal of the outside. It is inviting.

3. I like the durability. Can reuse everything : the structure, the fabric elements. So many projects only think about the cost of one event, and want absolutely to minimize that one off cost even if it is not the best financial solution on the long run.

4. I like the change of view points : up/down light/left, not only around 90° change of angle like in wall panel type of exhibition space.

5. I Like the fact that the space is closed but not too much, the way that you can look up also and comfortably, intimate feeling, feels a bit insulated.

6. I like it. Modern, airy, different, articulated, call for challenges, makes me think of a chinese dragon with the structure forming its scales

7. I like it. Dynamique, nice way to tense fabric.

8. I Like it : futuristic, looks sophisticated, maybe more sophisticated than it really is. Nice area to focus attention.

9. Very nice, it changes. I came also last year. Very good improvement.

10. I Love it. I took lots of videos of it.

11. I Like it. Nice to be able to be close to the reading panels. Don’t have to look up for reading.