Kramp at Agritechnika

Kramp at Agritechnika


Agency: Cosmas Design

Client: Kramp

Event Name: Agritechnika Hannover

Agency Website:

The Brief

Create a business design with a human touch.
Dynamic but also sleek in look and feel, also warm and an inviting character. Attention to lighting and audio. It must be easy to enter the practical spaces of use. The stand must be designed in such a way that it is easy to build, flexible for a wide variety of international locations.
An open space for uninvited guests, and a closed area for the invited guests, all in an open atmosphere. The open atmosphere is a condition in the design, since this is also the cohesion in Kramp’s corporate culture.
Core values for the executing party:
Flexible, perfectionist, empathy with Kramp, confidential, thinking together, creative partner, thinking together, internationally oriented, unburdening.
Core values for the design:
Business look with a human touch, non-sterile, house colors from Kramp with room for matching materialization, very well thought out audio and lighting plan, eye-catcher and a mixed solution for invitees and non-invitees.
The design must be innovative and modern, have a strategic appearance, and have a creative, leading and innovative way to show our products.

Introduction / introduction:
Kramp has written a pitch, with Menkhorst stand construction and Cosmas Design selected as first suplyer.
Menkhorst stand construction is a knowledgeable company with more than 40 years of experience. More than 100 stands per year, about half of which take place abroad. The employees of Menkhorst are very involved with their customers, and have a space history with Kramp.
Menkhorst responds very well and accurately to developments and changes in the industry and society. Listens very well to their customers and suppliers so that they can properly anticipate new opportunities and opportunities.
Working together is the basis of their success.

The Solution

Cosmas Design has made a very extraordinary design, which has led to an impressive result.
In addition, we have been able to set specific requirements in an excellent manner such as modern, modular, flexible, innovative, quality and a long service life by using a well thought out design, and for the choice to use the Octanorm building system in the design process.
An innovative stand concept that fits the Kramp Group as an internationally innovative and reliable technical wholesaler.

The Activation

Cosmas Design has worked very closely from the first sketch with Menkhorst stand construction and Octanorm to jointly arrive at a very well thought out design. The design is therefore not only very creative, but also well conceived and realized in engineering. By applying the very latest techniques, an innovative structure has been created.

The booth has been built at several locations:

Hanover Agritechnica 620 M2
SIMA Paris 512 M2
Agribex Brussels 300 M2
BAUMA Munich 65 M2


The Results

An exhibition booth with the wow factor.