Kubota Bauma 2019

Kubota Bauma 2019


Agency: Event Exhibition & Design

Client: Kubota

Event Name: Bauma 2019

Agency Website: www.event-exhibition.co.uk

The Brief

Our client went out to pitch for their European exhibition work as a challenge to a long standing and very competent German supplier. They wanted to see if anyone could do something different that would up their rather conservative image and inject something really fresh into their marketplace. They wanted more customer interaction and something that brought a better customer experience.
Kubota wanted a new and much more dynamic image and a much more exciting overall take on how this very industrial product could be displayed. A secondary request was also the need to show video content and provide a new level of meeting spaces and hospitality.

The Solution

Central to the need to win the work was that we had to do something very different and much more interesting. The big challenge was one of space, with a restricted allocation and the need to display an increasing range of products.
Both of these led us to consider spatial issues first. How could we squeeze everything in without (just as had been done so many times before) designing in a long line of engines on stands blocking the access and looking boring?
Our solution was to think outside the box and re-think entirely how we presented both the company and its engine products.
Our solution was to group the engines together into pods, so they became some 45% more space efficient. Secondly, we decided to create an upper deck hospitality area so that the floor area could again be made more open and therefore inviting to drive up footfall.
All the while we were very aware that all of their competitors had large square, angular stand designs. We, therefore, adopted a very new approach by implementing a curved shaped theme throughout that concentrated very much on clean lines and simple but striking messaging and use of their corporate teal colour.
Melding all of this together, we created something very different positioning the giant LED screen in a dynamic and bold position right at the front of the stand and angled down so

The Activation

Fundamental to the projects overall delivery was the need to achieve a much more space efficient design, to open up the stand to increase visitor numbers, and improve the interaction with the visitors and the products.
This we delivered by:
• Finding a way within budget of providing a second-floor lounge hospitality facility.
• Reducing overall project risk by adopting a methodical and proven design and build approach.
• Grouping the engines together to minimize the space required (some 45% reduction over previous design directions) to enable more product to be shown
• Designing the engine supports so that they safely showed the product at a correct viewable height
• Devising a new and more dynamic LED screen support system and overall approach to how the unit was positioned by angling the screen downwards to be both more interesting and to provide a more immersive, quality viewing experience.
• Devising the steel platform so that it could alter easily in length to make it possible to run the design at many shows at differing sizes.
• Developed a unitary construction technique that made use of printed fabric coverings to ensure spot on colour, quality of seamless finish and increase the speed of installation and remove the dust and dirt of paint and fill finishes.
• Installing a lead generation system to ensure visitors data was correctly captured
• Working alongside client to provide a full social media program that has captured over ¾ million views for them online.
• Working alongside client to provide a full social media program that has captured over 786,000 views for them online and still counting!

The Results

The main and most important thing was a very, very happy client!
So much so that after the initial installation we were immediately booked for the following four shows in Brazil, Germany, Italy, Chile. They and their visitors just loved it!
In essence:
• Every installation has been conducted ahead of predicted timings allowing the client early access to conduct on-site training meetings and briefings with its global staff. This has provided them with another and unexpected benefit.
• Sales results have been extremely positive with a 22% increase shown in a declining market.
• Customer dwell time has anecdotally doubled on stand, due to the ease of moving from one product to the next group and the generally calm atmosphere we have created through the design.
• Winning Diesel Engine of the Year award was a real on stand highlight.
• Such was the interest internally within Kubota of the stand design that the CEO and the two most senior board members have just visited the stand from Japan. This, in turn, has meant a most positive business review and an increase in my clients marketing budgets.
• Client loves the special double curvature reception desk.
• A real positive is that people stop in the aisle and watch the video content end to end. When asked why they said they just loved the stand and its presentation of the video content.
• Working alongside client to provide a full social media program that has captured over 786,000 views for them online and still counting!