Lionel Rich Tea

Lionel Rich Tea

Award: Best Stand Up to 24sqm – SILVER

Agency: Aluvista Limited

Client: Macroart

Event Name: PSP Tech Days 2018

Agency Website:




The Brief:  

Create an interactive themed placement with a slant of fun, at an industry event, showcasing new print methods and stand building techniques for our print production and events client Macroart.

The client wanted to move away from the typical concept of a representative just showing printed swatches and requested a means to showcase the combination of system and multiple print finishes, in an attention grabbing manner.


The Solution:

Create a socially interactive space built around a social media photo opportunity that would facilitate the ability to demonstrate the client’s product and break the ice with potential clients visiting the show.

An interactive environment was suggested with a view to iconic references that would appeal to the demographic at the show and beyond.

The stand would demonstrate the strength of the systems, the fabrication and print interaction techniques and the business’ attention to detail in its production and finishes.

Being an Audio Visual event the client would also then combine lighting and photography to give visitors a unique talking point, themed around the concept of “Dancing on the ceiling”.


The Activation:

The project plan was to create a period correct inverted lounge, complete with real props from the year of the release of the single “dancing on the ceiling” by Lionel Richie.

The core structure would incorporate Aluvision modular panels that would then have bespoke load bearing aluminium brace structure supports to give a final enclosure that could deal with visitors interacting with the stand and heavy props.

The decision was made to use all authentic items to demonstrate the capability of the system to produce a truly immersive environment.

Our team designed the enclosure around a 2.5m open fronted box, to which lighting and furniture was installed. Relevant period-accurate electrical items, lighting and audio features were integrated.

The complete unit was then broken down to modular panels to facilitate all work to be done ahead of install and a super fast activation. The final installation and build time on site was 4 hours from drop to completion.

The stand, staffed by the client, drew inquisitive visitors, which was natural when you see an upside down room from the 80’s in the middle of a show, who were encouraged to have shots taken in the room. The final effect was created by the visitors simply rotating the photos on their devices so they appeared to be ‘on the ceiling’.


The Result:

The outcome was a fantastic demonstration of the possibilities of a niche, impactful activation that could really steal the attention in a unique way.

The result for the client was a more relaxed interaction with potential clients and a total departure from the traditional method of presentation by the business at trade events.