LumiraDx at NHS Expo

LumiraDx at NHS Expo


Agency: Freeman

Client: LumiraDx

Event Name: NHS Expo 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

LumiraDx is a UK-based international Health Care and Medical Diagnostics company.

LumiraDx wanted to present their LumiraDx Diagnostic Platform and LumiraDX Care Solutions at the NHS Innovation Expo 2019 at Manchester Central, with a primary focus on the diagnostic platform highlighting the Launch of these products as an integrated complete digital solution.

LumiraDx Diagnostic Platform is an industry-leading, easy-to-use, connected and portable medical diagnostic test solution which delivers rapid, lab-accurate results, whenever and wherever needed. An innovative, next-generation point of care diagnostic system which combines a small, portable instrument, advanced low-cost test strip and seamless digital connectivity, it was launched at Medica 2018.

LumiraDx Care Solutions is another part of the business, delivering chronic condition programs, enabled by connected health IT. It empowers individuals to self-care under the guidance of their care teams (UK only).
The client’s objectives:

• To showcase how the technology is a huge leap ahead of currently available competitor solutions and demonstrate the scope of possibilities, increased performance and connectivity the instruments brings to all medical practice

• Demonstrate capability in LumiraDx being ‘truly digitally connected’. The connected platform enables management of data as easily and efficiently as using an iPhone – connecting quality assurance from lag to instrument and connecting patient test results to the electronic health record.

• Promote the combined integrated product offer: to facilitate the Diagnostic Platform and Diagnostic-Led Care software being sold as a package.

• Deliver excellent visitor experience to the stand
This was a launch event, that would then scale to deliver a consistent message across their market at live events and sales demos.

The Solution

Freeman’s creative studio collaborated closely with the client’s marketing and creative team, using our OFBD (Opportunity, Formulate, Build, Debrief) design process, working up layout plan options and concept sketches and looking at innovative ways to showcase what LumiraDx can offer.

Digitally led & tech focused
During this process, the idea of using colour-changing-LED throughout to deliver the integrated story – linking the whole stand’s ambience, synchronized with video content, messaging and hardware – was formed and detailed.

Key Design Considerations:
• Product is king: it had to impact the customer immediately. Unique to LumiraDX, it has an aesthetically-pleasing IPhone-like look and feel, more like consumer-electronics than standard medical equipment.

• Ease-of-use interactivity: the point-of-care system is based around the IPhone interface – user-friendly, smart and sleek, principles which informed the stand’s style and design.

• Harmonious and connected to support the integrated product-sales message. The plinth, archways and colour-changing-LED combine to reflect and complement the product design principles.

Creative Solution
• The plinths were made from Corian, custom-designed to demonstrate the Diagnostic Platform and Diagnostic Care’s software’s LED-displays, with power and storage invisible to maintain Lumira’s clean brand image.

• The design was softened with curves inspired by the shape of the devices

• Combining the soft curves of the stand with colour-changing-LED throughout delivered on Lumira’s brand-values of quality, cleanliness and clinical white, while also being attractive and eye-catching.

“I loved collaborating with the Lumira in-house creative team to truly align their brand with our creative ideas. Playing with innovative technology for the LED activation was exciting. The AV element was a major consideration and we were keen to ensure that LumiraDx really stood out from the crowd.”

Rajvi Patel
Head of Team & Creative Lead

The Activation

Impact is key to success. Working closely with the client’s design team, and using our knowledge of the venue, we designed an island stand positioned so visitors saw it as soon as they entered Manchester Central.

Lumira had booked two stand spaces and we combined them into one stunning display, with the whole stand changing colour, its soft tones corresponding to the main built-in large-screen video presentation of the product, the medical testing it performs and the way it shows results.

We achieved this with ground-breaking innovation – using pixel-mapping to correlate to elements of the video by pinpointing to particular pixels which then controlled the stand lighting and LED.

• The whole stand, with its soft curves and defined lines, reflected the design and operative principles of the LumiraDx offering – with its smart iPhone-style consumer product appeal and user-friendly interface. Product and design working in harmony.

• Visitor engagement: the product plinth displays led customers onto the stand, where they were invited to trial the software and see it in action.

• A subtly-backlit display area on the back wall showcasing the products and packaging sat alongside supplementary LED video-screen presentations.

• The stand also featured a pod-style meeting-booth and seats and tables to facilitate in-depth client discussion and supporting the ability to write business at the show.

• The design answered the customer’s need for a mix of pre-booked client meetings, some walk- ups and ad-hoc product demonstrations.

Every element was fully integrated with the overall design principles: to deliver clean messaging we used minimal graphics and wording – simply the LumiraDx logo and key product messages.

• The stand design and products did all the talking, along with the client team who welcomed visitors and talked them through the combined package offering – which they could see reflected in the whole stand experience.

The Results

This project demonstrated Freeman’s ability to collaborate with a client’s creative director, and marketing team, investing time and energy and working in partnership to deliver an exceptional result and meet their objectives.

Our skills lie in turning the objective into a creative space that reflects the brand, uses our venue knowledge and leverages our skills in how stands ‘flow’ and customer interactions can be facilitated.

• The stand delivered on all client objectives – actively and interactively presenting, demonstrating and explaining their complete digital solution, and its impressive features and benefits, to the healthcare professional community.

• Building on our previous stand’s success at Medica 2018, we worked collaboratively with LumriaDx to ensure we raised the bar with best-in-class delivery standards, achieving well beyond the impact and performance objectives, measured by sales, footfall and feedback.

• Visitors were wowed by the visuals and impressed by an outstanding and informative stand experience.

• We presented a view of the pre-build at our HQ to ensure that the client saw the stand in full before it goes live at the event. They loved it!

• Our formal client-debrief process ensured that we captured all improvements.

All KPI’s and objectives were met, and our key client contact confirmed the design and delivery exceeded expectations, resulting in us being appointed for further brand experience and stand-design projects.

Our relationship has been extended to the cascade of events integrating with this launch throughout 2020/21 and beyond, in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Along with event-specific variants on this ground-breaking design for the NHS Expo, LumiraDx have asked Freeman to develop their exhibition stand display-plinths as modular, self-assembly units that can be used throughout Europe at a full range of conferences by their sales teams.

Exceptional results, impact and outcomes all round for LumiraDx and for Freeman