Meghalaya Pavillion at SIAL India 2019

Meghalaya Pavillion at SIAL India 2019


Agency: Rockski

Client: Government of Meghalaya

Event Name: SIAL India

Agency Website:

The Brief

As a partner state of SIAL India 2019, The Meghalaya Pavilion needs to be designed to reflect the upcoming aspirations of the food processing sector of the state. Keeping in mind the tagline of the Chief Minister, “Meghalaya on the Move”, a pavillion with a lively setting for 20 Entrepreneurs needs to be designed, curated and produced in a space of about 200 Square Meters.

The event is focused on food processing, food innovation, hospitalty and the food service industry of the Meghalayan Culinary experience. It is a platform for Meghalaya to showace its entrepreneurs in an international food exhibition space and how it is moving forward through food processing and value addition of its natural resources under the banner of ” Meghalaya on the Move” banner while acting as a launchpad for the North East Food Show by Meghalaya and SIAL to be held in December 2019.

The Solution

The idea is to create something that stands our from the rest of the pavillions and exhibition stands. Different layout/setting, different construction material, differently sized and overall attractive concept pavillion at SIAL India.

Creating a huge pavilllion with main branding that reads ” Meghalaya on the Move” with a facade higher than the rest of the paviions in order to attract visitors from a far away distance.

Given the high cost of constructing a wooden pavillion and the usual construction materials available locally, we needed to go for something cheaper, visually appealing and most importantly ECO FRIENDLY as it is a huge problem subject of the world today.

20 entrepreneurs within a space of 200 square meters with a common siting/meeting areas called for an over the counter setup with a centre meeting space and surrounded by open areas on all 4 sides.

The Activation

We had to bring together 20 entrepreneurs from a small town called Shillong and who dont have exhibition exposure or any kind of Exhibition presentation package. Make them look good at the exhibition, facilitae them with modern utilities equip them with sufficient presentation elements to help them pitch to clients and convert their enquiries into a sale.

An initial meeting with all the entreprenurs was arranged and feedback from them was taken inot consideration as to what kind of setting was required. All of them wanted somethig similar and that was in favour of what we had in mind.

A bar counter/food counter setup with an array of racks and sheves beding a table top that will be used for presentation and testing of preducts. An additional sealting area was also sanctioned so as to enable the entrepreneurs to service guests better if they wanted to have a sit down discussion , meeting to dicuss and take business firther. A common office cum store room was also planned out so has to enable all of them to keep their stock/consumables safe and organised.

The in house architect, started drafting the layout plan and also the ovehanging facade of the pavillion keeping in mind the space and positiooning/location of the pavilion at the event. Everything was meticulously thought of and a final render/design was drafted.

The on ground fabrication unit has to desgin and construct the elements of the pavilion using steel trussing material called Cubex trussing which is a custom trussing solution we used for the framework andalong with it, canvas was used for the digital prints and complete graphic design display. The entire pavilion wa pre fabriacted in the warehouse, dismantled and again constructed at the event site in a matter of 30 hours.

Appropriate platform was made to define the space and also appropriate lighting was used to highlight different features of the branding and facade.

The Results

The results were amazing. The pavilion was the show stopper at Sial Delhi and most of the foreigh delegated flocked th pavilion as it was so attractive and easy for them to browse through the different products available. Many said that it was the best pavilion they have ever seen and it made so much sense to have a bar counter setup with a common meeting space in the centre.

The materials were new and have never been seen at a food exhibition and we received a lot of enquiries for the same. the fact that it was comppletely eco friendly and reusable made it even more interesting as many other clients approaced us to create pavilions for them with the same environmental conformations. We never missed any comment from visitors about the pavilion design and our clients were extremely happy that they awared the entire North East Food Show project to us.

It received much media attention and it was talking subject in Shillong town for a few days. Many of the entrepreneurs were even more inspired and the whole experiential factor of the pavulion helped a lot in achieving these resluts. some of out exhibitors bagged very lucrative deals with hotel chains and some other international buyers.

The client, including the chief Minister of the state termed it as a landmark event in the entrepreneural journey of the state of Meghalaya.