Microsoft ITSE

Microsoft ITSE

Award: Best Use of Technology on a Stand – BRONZE

Agency: Envy Create Ltd

Client: Microsoft

Event Name: ITSE 18

Agency Website:





The Brief:  

Bring to Life Microsoft’s Education solutions for an Education based audience at ITSE 2018. Deliver this in a way that is easy to engage and enables each of the solutions to be easily engaged by the audience and inspires them through the use of technology. Position Microsoft as a thought leader particularly around the use of technology as a tool in education.


The Solution:

We ensured that the booth was very open and inviting and that it was easy for the visitors to enter and engage within the booth. Up high we had signage to delineate the key chapters of solutions to enable the audience to seek out their chapter of interest with ease. These chapters were highlighted as the Classroom, Devices, Tools for Teachers, and the Community Lounge, then within each of these zones were individual product solutions delivered through the use of innovative technology to ensure maximum attraction and engagement, and also positioning Microsoft as a thought and technology leader in Education.
At a Large Scale we utilised transparent LED to deliver key storytelling and all up messaging, however being transparent LED this enabled us to then use this to lead with a story for a key chapter and feature story within the booth, feature by feature, then intern reveal each chapter to the passing and observing audience highlighting the headline stories in a way that was particularly compelling and drew people in to discover more through the use of amazing technology and at scale.
Then within the booth we used a wide variety of innovative technology to create a deeper more enriched experience through the individual storytelling, with technology such as Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, RFID, interactive projection, large scale all-in-one devices, body tracking scanners and

Within the activations the use of technology was integrated throughout at multiple layers. The larger scale with the transparent LED’s but then at the more engagement level with an array of technologies appropriate to each experience.



We utilized Mixed Reality (AR/VR) to demonstrate how this amazing technology can be utilized in teaching. We built an experience within that enabled learning around engineering, design, and mathematics using the system both with real world scenario applications e.g. in a hospital, architects firm, etc as well as using Minecraft to make it very engaging for the pupil.
We also utilized a supersized All-In-One device to show how this can be used to create content, share content, pull in from various sources, then using applications amend through any key subject and output and share real time between students and teachers.
The larger scale digital AIO’s would also enable 1:to many demos that we were able to extend to a larger audience and remain flexible as we could extend out to multiple screens or a single screen with a single click, enabling the on-booth team complete flexibility to change and adapt to their audience needs throughout the event as it emerged.
We had localized direction sound set up to ensure audio did not clash from one zone to the next, and remained punchy to the zone they were in. This was delivered through specialist direction sound speakers that reduce the width of the sound waves and pinpoint them to specific targeted zones. This also creates a moment of surprise and delight as the attendee steps in to each zone and suddenly discovers the sound there, and with a single step out will no longer hear it.
The use of ‘bot building’ and bot controllers were also utilized on the booth to show how technology can engage their audience but also how it can create skills utilized in the real world.
There were numerous layers of Digital Content Engagement throughout the booth enabling the audience to take away exactly what they want, when they want in the way they want it. This included touch points utilizing RFID where they could simply tap a card to take away the relevant content per zone, but also QR codes to be able to easily access content.


The Result:

The Booth saw its most successful year ever with a 48% increase in engagement, and a significant satisfaction/delight increase to 98% of attendees being Very Satisfied/Extremely Satisfied with their experience and the use of Technology being called out on numerous occasions as the reason for its success.