Nexign @ MWC Barcelona 2019

Nexign @ MWC Barcelona 2019


Agency: Cook + Associates

Client: Nexign

Event Name: Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

For Mobile World Congress 2019, current Russian market leader Nexign was firmly focused on pitching its advanced technological solutions to a global audience of telecom operators and businesses, with a high impact 360 sq metre stand that would communicate a dynamic new brand and extensive product portfolio.

MWC is the world’s premier event for the mobile connectivity industry, attended by over 100,000 industry professionals, company decision makers and international media outlets. The brief for 2019 challenged us to create an engaging and informative on-stand experience that would encapsulate their new brand design and latest product capabilities – supporting service providers on their digital transformation journey.

Our response to the challenge was to design a space that highlighted Nexign’s pragmatic, value-driven solutions, centred around innovation. As a company focused on the digital age, the design concept needed to provide an exciting showcase for Nexign’s latest technological advancements, creating an inviting and dynamic visitor experience.

With its central theme of “digital wellness”, Nexign stand needed to allow fluid visitor traffic management without overcrowding the stand or creating an overly enclosed approach. The layout and design needed to be smooth and open, creating an informal and relaxing environment – guiding visitors through the stand.

The Solution and Activation

Innovation and creativity were at the heart of Nexign’s brief. The emphasis was on showcasing their product portfolio and new corporate branding in a way that reflected their revolution to the digital age – a brief that we interpreted into an experience built on technology and creative perception. A primary element was to allow the technology and customer engagement to dictate the customer flow through the stand. The use of new, innovative digital technology was strategically placed throughout to entice visitors to explore and engage.

The journey began at the entrance desk – with a strong design and interactive technology capturing engagement and attention from the moment the visitor stepped on to the stand. This section consisted of high-level branding and a multi-tiled LED screens, as well as an Interactive touch screen totem containing product content, technology insights and the latest revolutions. The innovation message was augmented by a magician as a stand attractor, entertaining on-stand and capturing the attention of passers-by.

Visitors were guided through the space by an audio tour provided at the reception desk. This not only navigated visitors through the space but gave information as to Nexign’s brand strategy and product range. The addition of the audio tour controlled the traffic flow through the stand, allowing the on-stand sales advisors to target specific individuals.

The main section of the stand comprised of 5 different levels of customer engagement: On-stand bar and lounge, demonstration pods, product demonstration table, private conference rooms and a tranquillity lounge. Each area of the stand had to promote Nexign’s brand and product portfolio without it feeling too overpowering.

We wanted our solution to reflect Nexign’s digital expertise and elected us to deploy our latest technology to enhance the on-stand experience. As delegates entered the main section, they were greeted with an eye-catching product recognition table. This unique and interesting technology feature served as an engaging technological information station for all visitors to explore. The interactive touch screen table enabled visitors to search through Nexign’s product range, order coffees or smoothies to collect at the bar and book meetings with sales representatives to find out more information.

Above all, the product table drove visitor engagement, taking them further into the Nexign world and encouraging a journey of discovery, linking to the demonstration pods. Hosted by expert sales representative, audiences of up to 6 people were given the latest insights and product details. This allowed Nexign to gather sales leads and build a better rapport with clients. Private conference rooms provided a more personal and professional environment for business discussions.

The semi-enclosed angular design, inspired by Nexign’s new logo, utilised corporate colours, strategic lighting, space maximisation and plush furnishings to create a contemporary and calm environment, reflecting Nexign’s theme of ‘Digital Wellness’. We added an extra, informal dimension to this with the on-stand bar and lounge designed as a cosy coffee shop, offering a modern relaxed networking area. Plush furnishings and information screens complemented the fresh smoothies and coffees convincing delegates to stay a little longer

The tranquillity lounge reinforced the idea of relaxation, as a tranquil environment away from the show floor with massage chairs in an oasis of calm. This was something never seen on the show floor before and was a real talking point during the event, drawing visitors to the stand to find out more.

The Results

Over the course of the 3-day event Nexign’s stand never had a quiet moment with stand attendance at an all-time high. Nexign were easily able to communicate their brand and product display clearly to all their visitors, something they had struggled with in previous years.

The design creativity created a welcoming and stimulating exhibit, highlighting the impact and importance of digital partnerships. This enabled Nexign to widen their range of partnerships with more global businesses located in Europe, an important KPI for the 2019 event based on building a global profile outside of Russia.

The meeting management system allowed Nexign to hold professional discussions with their clients, which led to 2 global business alliances – expanding their international presence.

The challenge was to demonstrate how Nexign differentiated itself from other BSS providers in the industry, highlighting the value crafted through partnerships and the all-important support ingredient to make the customer experience easy and relaxing. Nexign reported that their customers left their stand feeling supported and with trust in the future of 5G and the digital revolution.

The new stand design clearly communicated both their new brand and portfolio evolution on the world stage, positioning Nexign as a global player with an exciting future.