Niko – Interieur 2018

Niko – Interieur 2018


Agency: Creaplan nv

Client: Niko

Event Name: Interieur 2018

Agency Website:

The Brief

Whatever it is you like to do at home, Niko offers an innovative home automation system that adapts to your lifestyle. The Belgian company has over 100 years of experience in producing high quality switchgear and sockets. As their product is quite technical, they wanted to present it in a non-technical way, by telling a story. They asked for a tunnel-like stand with a focus on both innovation and emotion.

The Solution and Activation

At the customer’s request, we created a tunnel-like stand. Niko’s products are displayed in an artistic way – a bit museum-like on pedestals – linked to an abstract object related to the home automation scenario they want to present.

– The apple referred to art: it displayed a scenario perfect for reading a book in peace and quiet.

– The party hat referred to the party mode scenario, with louder music and coloured lights.

– The rose linked to a romantic night, in which one could experience the cosy dinner mode scenario.

The relatively small stand was magnified by big mirrors for an optical effect. The tunnel shape of the stand lured visitors inside and invited them to walk through the stand, experiencing all the home automation scenarios – that’s how we put the emphasis on experience.

‘Comfort to the senses’ and the creation of ‘peace of mind’ were the experiences we focused on: the calm and pleasant music for a pleasant hearing experience, a small soft bench in a cosy nook to relax and take in the scenarios, the illuminated ceiling with forest print and light effects for a cosy atmosphere, … To appeal to the taste and smell senses, we handed out healthy juices.

Our architects were inspired by nature. The eye catcher of the stand is the ceiling, a backlit printed visual of a forest. To make the forest stand out, mirrors are used on the walls so the forest seems infinitely large. Fun fact: the text and logo on the walls were displayed in mirror image, so the visitor could still read it perfectly in the mirror reflection, making the 3D logo seemingly ‘float in the forest’.

At Creaplan, we never compromise on convenience and functionality. The black wall had almost invisible beautifully finished handleless cupboards built-in, for product presentation and staff equipment. A seating and presentation niche was provided in the wall, of which the sides were finished in the Niko Pure Dark Bamboo wood finishing, which not only looks but also smells nice.

Colours and materials play a central role as well, with the colours of the trees reflected in the stand furniture and finishing: a yellow velvet sofa, green velvet poufs, bamboo wood, … The black wall and floor bring out the colours even more.

In short: a small stand that tells a big story.

The Results

The aim was mainly to create curiosity among the visitor, by adding some mystery. That’s why this was the stand everyone talked about at the fair.