NOV – National Oilwell Varco

NOV – National Oilwell Varco


Agency: 2020 Exhibits

Client: NOV – National Oilwell Varco

Event Name: OTC 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

As the premier global event for the development of offshore resources, the Offshore Technology Conference can seem crowded and impersonal. From an elbow-bumping crowd to the massive wave of attention-grabbing products and people, all screaming for the time and attention of more than 50,000 key decision-makers and executives from across the global offshore energy industry landscape, OTC has it all. With so many people and attractions competing for both time and attention, making a connection, especially genuine, warm, and personal connections with your clients and industry friends, can feel like an impossible challenge. For industry leader NOV, it was time to take their OTC experience up a notch, with clear intention and focus and emphasis on connection.

The Solution

Their OTC2019 experience and environment became more about finding ways to create an inviting, comfortable, and more intimate spaces that felt deliberate, inviting, and intentional. The challenge? How can you align critical drivers for your business – people, technology, and service in a way that is genuine and, dare we say, personal?
While the OTC show floor was full of overflowing with 50,000+ attendees, the target audience for NOV was streamlined and far more personal: their aim was to take the event and their exhibit experience to a personal level. Central to the strategy and campaign is a continuous line, linking people, technology, and service.

The Activation

Shapes, structure, and size, coupled with surprising and delightful elements, make this experience unforgettable. Larger than life, NOV’s 50’ x 80’ exhibit environment was visually exciting and compelling with sharp, intentional angles and sloping walls serving as a warm invitation for clients and industry associates to step inside, visit, and stay awhile.

Sharp and angular, the outside corner walls for the private meeting room stood 24’ at their highest point, anchoring the space with a drama and intrigue as a bold pop of NOV’s iconic red branding is seen peeking out from on high. Throughout the space a whimsical, continuous black line curves and swerves, against a curved, crisp white backdrop, that serves as the animation wall.

A centralized interactive engagement is the Activation Wall, where attendees can self-direct their experience, to better understand the NOV products, mission, and brand. The experience is composed of a large curved LED display, 120 LED panels, in a 20 x 6 configuration. The space is open and inviting, allowing visitors to experience the environment at their own pace and where they have the highest level of interest. There are no large products or floor models obstructing lines of sight or the visitor’s path.

With deliberate and purposeful intent, this exhibit experience seamless draws people together, to make and reinforce connections. With so much to see and experience, attendees were delighted to discover the same curvy lines now serving as text placeholders on the wood floor, with sensors to trigger the corresponding animation wall content before them. With distinctive and strategic planning, visitors could experience the complete NOV story, actively engaging visitors to learn to experience and learn more about NOV and its products and services.

The Results

Active engagement, increased interaction, and personalized time and attention are seen in spades with the Learning Stations, Animation Wall, VIP area, Meeting Room, and cozy Hospitality Area offering a respite and warm invitation to experience NOV.