OCTANORM EuroShop 2017

OCTANORM EuroShop 2017

Award: Best Modular Stand – GOLD

Agency: Keck GmbH   – Concept created by Agency Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH

Client: OCTANORM-Vertriebs-GmbH

Event Name: EuroShop 2017

Agency Website: keck.world





The Brief:  

In the course of 2017, OCTANORM has changed quite a lot and presents itself in a whole new light. This new OCTANORM is much more than just a system manufacturer. The customer and their needs are always the focus of our actions, as are individual solutions and innovative ideas.

This image change had to be made visible through the stand. For one thing by presenting the new product lines OCTAuniversal, OCTAlumina plus and OCTAfloor and for another by a clear stand architecture. Divided into different zones – VIP area, meeting and training room, counter area and product area – OCTANORM is presented in a transparent and understandable way. Easily accessible, open and inviting.


The Solution:

The central idea of the stand was to show the worldwide audience the new image of OCTANORM by positioning the brand as the best and most reliable partner for exhibition designers, planners and constructors. The stand was part of the new marketing campaign, which included a fresh corporate design with a redesigned website, marketing material and the appearance of the OCTANORM logo.

Following major trends, the efficient construction system had to disappear, giving the booth the appearance of a conventionally built booth. The booth concept also served as a role model for the future, focusing on first-class new materials and thus demonstrating utmost creativity in system construction. This also included the use of new technologies as acoustic fabrics, LED panels, virtual reality functions for the design software and technical fabrics for the creation of 3D images and effects. It served as a platform for new products and at the same time as a communication hub for visitors from all over the world.

Convincing from the outside, the exhibition booth should also underline the presence of the market leader among system manufacturers. A monumental construction method with 6 m high elements attracted the attention of the visitors from a distance and drew them to the exhibition area. The clear and reduced architecture ensured a quick understanding of the stand and an easy orientation in the different zones. Inside, the customers found themselves in a comfortable and feel-good ambience. A warm lighting atmosphere and friendly materials invited them to linger, while the new products automatically conveyed the innovative and fascinating character of OCTANORM.



It was something special for KECK to look after a company whose core competence makes it a professional in the field of staging at trade fairs.

This knowledge gave OCTANORM a very precise idea of how something should be implemented. The stand construction was largely based on OCTANORM’s various system materials and was only supplemented by KECK with a few individual custom-made products and rental furniture.

Due to the mutual experience, the cooperation succeeded from the very beginning on an equal footing. It was nevertheless exciting, since for the first time newly developed system material was used, with which we could have no experience at all.

As a long-standing customer of OCTANORM, the company’s know-how with completely different materials, such as the use of fabrics, also became apparent. During the implementation we became aware of how well the new requirements for brand staging at trade fairs were met thanks to the new system materials: Exciting, visually impressive possibilities that can be adapted individually and authentically for companies. At the same time, they make it possible to build a stand with lightweight materials that save resources and can be set up more quickly.

In addition, the system is not only suitable for temporary buildings, but also for shopfitting. By combining it with different materials, EuroShop 2017 visitors were able to discover very different ambiences of simulated, high-quality shops.


The Result:

The feedback received during the event was overwhelming – from customers, partners and even competitors of OCTANORM. A survey showed that the most impressive feature was the stand design and the ambience created.

The goal of presenting the new image of OCTANORM with a consistent graphic concept was well received.

By introducing modern and aesthetic solutions for the exhibition business, OCTANORM was able to bring new target groups of designers and creative agencies to the booth. After their visit to the stand, more than 100 guests attended a post-show event at the headquarters of OCTANORM to find out more about the new activities.