PACCAR at Brisbane Truck Show

PACCAR at Brisbane Truck Show


Agency: Expo Centric

Client: PACCAR

Event Name: Brisbane Truck Show

Agency Website:

The Brief

The PACCAR stand was one of the largest stands Expo Centric have designed and built. At 1600sqm the exhibition stand took up half of Hall 4 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC). The stand ran from edge to edge of Hall 4.

Being 1600sqm in size it meant there were a lot of elements, details and layout choices that need to be thoughtfully considered.

PACCAR is a premium brand in the Australian market, so they required their stand to represent this with high quality workmanship and a custom build.

PACCAR also wanted to showcase a new engine to the Australian markets and also have new product demonstrations on the stand.

The PACCAR stand needed to be designed to incorporate 3 brands into the one exhibition space; PACCAR, Kenworth Trucks and DAF Trucks.

The Solution

The main consideration for the PACCAR stand was to have a high-quality build that represented their overarching brand as a premium. To achieve this the design included many custom elements, high use of technology and strong visual branding.

Being such a large stand the layout and customer journey through the stand was a major consideration in the design and build. This included the placement of 12 trucks on display and various customer zones (retail, leasing, sales, meeting spaces, hospitality, media area).

With 12 trucks on display it also had to provide attendees with an opportunity for an immersive experience for viewing and interacting with the trucks and engines.

To achieve the multiple product branding (PACCAR, Kenworth and DAF Trucks) the stand was divided into three sections, all with separate branding components.

The Activation

To achieve a high-level finish we used modular Aluvision frames. The Aluvision OMNI-55+ system allowed us to create a high impact display (including a 6m x 64m wall structure), while reducing cost by hiring frames, not purchasing. The cost savings allowed a higher spend on visual elements and custom build. It also reduced the environmental impact of the stand build and reduced wastage.

Custom elements such as the custom plinth for the new MX engine allowed attendees to gain a new perspective on the size and scope of the PACCAR motor.

There were 12 trucks on display, 8 feature trucks had viewing platforms situated next them, to allow attendees to view inside the cabins. This was a vital element of the stand design to allow greater engagement from stand visitors, it gave them a chance to immerse themselves with the internal of the trucks, not just the external perspective.

Technology was used extensively on the stand. Free standing touch screen kiosks were placed in front of each of the trucks. Each kiosk contained specifications about the truck on display.

Aluvision LED skins were used in three areas in the exhibition stand. 2 rigged LED screens were used as a way to attract visitors to the stand as soon as they entered Hall 4. A LED screen was place behind in the centre hub of the stand for detailed presentations and branding messages. Another large LED screen was on the flat bed of one of the DAF trucks, showing product branding messages.

When designing the stand, the layout strategy was centred around three entry points to maximise the traffic pattern. Each entry point had a specific feature to attract and draw attendees into the stand (positioning of feature truck, LED video walls, rigged banners).

The stand design incorporated 3 brands into the one exhibition space; PACCAR, Kenworth Trucks and DAF Trucks. Being the overarching brand, the PACCAR branding was the central brand on the exhibitionstand, tying all three brands together.

The Results

With the use of clever stand design and layout, PACCAR was able to achieve amazing stand success.

The PACCAR premium brand was reflected in the stand through the use of Aluvision OMNI-55+ framing, custom elements and the strong use of technology (LED skins, Touch screens, TV’s). The alignment of the brand and the stand was imperative to the success of the brand and this was one of the stand greatest successes.

The stand needed to allow attendees to have an immersive experience and get a feel for the products on offer. This was successfully achieved within the multi-zoned stand through viewing platforms, product demonstrations, sales areas, hospitality area and meeting rooms.

Any stand incorporating multiple brands can be difficult to design, but the PACCAR stand was carefully designed to ensure all three brand were portrayed correctly and each separate brand message was delivered to the exhibition attendees.

The feedback from the client was amazing, suggesting from the ideas stage to execution, the whole exhibition process was flawless.