Philips at ECR 2019

Philips at ECR 2019


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Event Name: ECR 2019

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The Brief

Philips is a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care.

The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) is one of the largest medical meetings in Europe, bringing together more than 23,000 attendees from the wider radiology arena to Vienna each spring. For Philips, ECR is a critical marketing event used to launch an expanded portfolio of solutions that advance precision diagnosis and image guided therapies.

In recent years, Philips has transitioned from a product-focused approach, driven by individual business units, to a solutions-focused approach, driven by the needs of health practitioners and patients.

In 2019, the challenge for Philips was to build on this change, embedding rich storytelling in order to enhance the attendee experience. The primary goal for the new approach was to demonstrate the science behind the innovation, positioning Philips as a global leader in healthcare technology.

Key objectives for the event were to generate leads, to attract new customers, to strengthen relationships and to build the Philips brand. Each objective was broken down into measurable KPIs with targets set for each.

The overall budget to deliver the programme was increased by 5% year-on-year to support the additional storytelling content, but with a corresponding increase to the event KPIs in order to drive an increased ROI.

The Solution

Central to our creative concept was the use of attendee experiences that were designed to operate seamlessly in the built environment. Storytelling explaining the science behind the innovation was embedded at each stage of the attendee journey and aimed to increase dwell time, enhance demo engagement and boost lead generation.

At the heart of the story is the Philips Family, a group of characters with specific healthcare needs. Father Eric and mother Amy have a son, Sam, and another baby on the way. Amy’s mother Rosa and Eric’s father Ben make up the extended family. Eric is fit and healthy but struggles to sleep, Ben was diagnosed with cancer some time ago, while Rosa worries about her heart condition. Helping to support the Philips Family is a broad team of healthcare professionals, all of whom also have detailed personas.

Our Philips Family are generating data about their health all the time. For the care team of healthcare professionals, the challenge is to capture this data and use it in smart ways. Many of Philips AI-enabled solutions already do this, combining large amounts of clinical data to generate a more holistic view of patients today. This enables healthcare professionals to turn those insights into action – to prevent people from getting sick, deliver confident diagnoses and improve outcomes for patients. It’s what Philips calls Connected Care.

We needed a device to connect the Philips Family with the benefits offered by the various Philips products and solutions shown at ECR. That device was the concept of an ‘AI Digital Twin’ that would tell the story of how AI-enabled solutions can compare Eric’s data to available global data using predictive algorithms and adaptive technologies. This cross comparison could then be used to identify patterns, potential diagnoses and suggested treatment plans.

The Activation

The Philips Family story was told using large format video screen content, combining the filmed footage with copy and graphics overlays, and using touchscreen technology to enable presenter or visitor content control. Professional actors were cast to play our ‘real-life’ characters in line with carefully crafted personas and the footage was captured during a one-day shoot at a film studio in London.

At ECR, each piece of content was designed to work as ‘always-on’ in two ways: first, when presented by a professional host who would talk visitors through a scripted story during scheduled presentation sessions; and second, when running as a looped background visitor attractor to draw passing visitors into the booth.

The welcome area at the booth entrance featured two large curved LED walls and was the obvious place to introduce the Philips Family. In addition, visitors to ECR were able to learn more about the specific stories of Eric, Ben and Rosa. Eric’s story was told from the welcome screens, while information about Ben and Rosa was shared via two large portrait screens in separate locations on the booth.

We developed an AR app that enabled visitors to follow each character’s journey from digital twin analysis through to personal diagnosis, moving on to investigate potential treatments and finishing with the impact of this approach on the Connected Care Team. QR codes and 3D models – a full 3D version of Eric, a 3D liver for Ben and a 3D heart for Rosa – were used as triggers for the AR content that brought these characters to life and presented the Philips solutions that help make their lives better.

Cascading down from this overarching concept, additional solution stories were shared for each of the six hero solutions featured at ECR. Professional presenters stationed in each zone would stand in front of large portrait video screens, each playing custom created screen content, drawing crowds to 3-5-minute presentations at regular intervals during each day.

The Results

ECR 2019 was a phenomenal success with the storytelling approach delivering exceptional dwell time across the whole booth as well as the highest engagement rate for any Philips exhibition execution to date.

Spatial analytics software tracked visitor journeys throughout the booth to measure performance and additional data was available from a new literature fulfilment app was rolled out at ECR to speed up the time taken to get product details to potential buyers.

Key metrics proved this success:
• 10,223 visitors to the booth – up 36% on 2018
• 60% engagement rate – up 6% on 2018
• 14 minutes and 50 seconds average dwell time – second highest since tracking began
• 28% visitors returned on another day
• 1,549 marketing qualified leads – up 22% on 2018
• Cost per marketing qualified lead down 14% on 2018
• 29% of visitors identified as new prospects vs existing customers – up 4% on 2018
• 700+ literature requests via the new literature fulfilment app – new for 2019
• 5,836 attendees joined the hero solution presentations – new for 2019
• 43 unique PR articles – 16 more than in 2018
• 77% of visitors surveyed considered Philips a leader in health-tech – up 6% on 2018
• 77% of visitors surveyed were considering purchasing a Philips product – up 5% on 2018
• 81% of visitors surveyed were likely to recommend Philips – up 1% on 2018

For Philips, the switch to an experiential approach complete with rich storytelling ensured the ECR 2019 activation was the best yet.

Digital Twin Presentation:

Meet Rosa and 3D Heart: