Philips at IFA 2019

Philips at IFA 2019


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Event Name: IFA 2019

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The Brief

Philips, a global leader in health technology, offers a range of intelligent, adaptive and personalised consumer health solutions that seamlessly integrate into people’s lives and lifestyles, empowering them to make healthier choices and fulfilling their personal needs.

IFA 2019 (6-11 September, Berlin, Germany) is one of the world’s leading trade shows for consumer electronics. With a well-established reputation for product innovation, more than 245,000 visitors over six days and journalists present from more than 160 countries, IFA is a key marketing opportunity for Philips, with a significant investment made to support exhibition participation and supporting activations.

In 2019, Philips challenged its global events team to approach IFA in a new way. Siloed product presentations driven by separate internal business units were to be replaced with a ‘One Philips Approach’ underpinned by engaging consumer experiences and realistic storytelling.

Overall, there were two primary goals for IFA 2019. The first was to increase Philips brand reputation with an emphasis on “personalised health” for people to live a happy and healthy life. The second was to drive measurable sales/order intakes.

At a communications level, we sought to replicate that One Philips Approach with an integrated communications strategy, telling a focused story that was tailored to audiences and channels.

We targeted media, influencers, consumers (live and online), industry leaders, retailers and employees with a series of activities including a press conference, interviews, booth tours, social media campaign, thought leadership blogs and employee communications.

The Solution

Our challenge was to demonstrate how Philips ‘makes life better’ using engaging, immersive experiences that provide context for our products. Our solution was to create Philips Healthy Home – an IKEA-showroom-style environment with products in-situ.

In addition to the revised built environment were layers of storytelling that introduced the residents of the Healthy Home – the Philips Family – and brought them to life using carefully crafted personas, theatrical scripts and two casts of professional actors working on 30-minute rotations.

Exhibition attendees were to be welcomed to the Healthy Home by the Philips Family, who were preparing for an evening housewarming party. The home belongs to Mum and Dad, Maria and Kurt, who are training for the Berlin Marathon and keen on healthy eating. They love welcoming family and friends into their home. Joining them are Daughter Clara, Son Jonas, Jonas’ partner Max, Grandma Heidi, Grandpa Fred, Auntie Sophie, Uncle Ralph, and their son baby Otto. Plus, of course, all the IFA attendees!

Each day, attendees were accompanied through the booth using a clear brand narrative and well-defined journey. Alongside the family of actors, an army of product presenters, hosts and brand ambassadors were available to engage with attendees and answer their questions. Throughout the house, “Did you know?” messaging conveyed information about the Philips products on display. Most importantly, attendees were encouraged to participate in various product experiences that demonstrated how Philips adaptive products could be personalised to meet the needs of individual consumers.

Each day, attendees were invited back to the booth at 4.30pm for the start of the housewarming party itself. With a DJ playing dance tunes, drinks, food and a giant celebration cake, attendees were treated to a high-energy, fun and fully immersive experience, hosted by the extended Philips Family.

The Activation

The Consumer Attendee Journey at IFA 2019

• Entrance Experience: Set against a 4m back wall, a 2-minute looped projection mapping experience explains the house concept, introduces the Philips Family and shares proof-points explaining how Philips products make lives better. At the end of each loop, the doorbell rings, the front door opens, and attendees are welcomed into the Philips Healthy Home.

• Kitchen: Mum and Dad, Maria and Kurt, are preparing food and drinks for guests using the Philips kitchen products. A series of scripted, interactive experiences delivered by the actors encourage attendees to help with the party preparation, using the products for themselves and sampling the culinary outputs.

• Living Room: Grandma and Grandpa, Heidi and Fred – Maria’s parents – are also pitching in to get the house ready for the party. They introduce attendees to more Philips products, and engage them ironing and vacuuming challenges.

• Dressing Room: Daughter Clara and her friend Louisa are getting ready. Philips haircare products and clothes steamer are demonstrated here, with a digital polaroid photo experience for guests to get involved with.

• Bathroom: Son Jonas and his boyfriend Max are also getting ready. In the bathroom are 4 grooming stations to show off the Philips shaving solutions, multiple sinks to demonstrate the Oral Health Care range, a Smart Mirror skin assessment and a ‘singing in the shower’ video experience.

• Bedroom: Auntie Sophia and Uncle Ralph have had a quick nap before the party gets going. Products displayed include the SmartSleep solutions, hair removal device, air purifier and Baby+ app. Alongside the bedroom set is another photo opportunity, the upside-down bedroom, helping attendees ‘Turn your life around by unleashing the power of your sleep!’.

The final stop on the consumer attendee journey guides guests through to the Philips Shop, where they can talk to product experts and place orders.

The Results

Undoubtedly, the introduction of an experiential environment on the Philips booth at IFA 2019 helped make this the most effective edition yet, with outstanding feedback from all the key target audiences.

Preparations for IFA began in December 2018, with a team of 11 experts and scaled up to a team of more than 400 people working onsite. Build began in last July and took 6 weeks to finalise. We had 21 actors and actresses who had spent more than a month preparing their amazing stories. More than 900 mini pizzas, 950 chicken drumsticks and 1,700 smoothies were made by our guests using Philips products.

Across the whole 5,045m2 space used at IFA, we installed 10km of networking cable and 7km power cabling. Spatial analytics software was used to track visitor routes through the booth, enabling us to understand engagement levels and assess the attendee journey. It was a mammoth project but so worthwhile, as our guests loved it.

Key metrics tracked the success:
• 50,298 attendees welcomed to the Philips booth – up 28% on 2018
• 30,618 engaged attendees and 61% engagement rate – up 5% on 2018
• 4,008 attendees (8% of total) returned on another day – up 1% on 2018
• 13 minutes 21 second average dwell time – up 36% on 2018
• 500+ attendees to the press conference – up 11% on 2018
• 9 minutes 51 seconds average time spent on – up 178% on 2018
• 6000+ product consultations delivered at the Product Expert Bar – new for 2019
• 2,392 onsite online shop visits – new for 2019
• 1,100+ internal comms content views – new for 2019

For Philips, the switch to an experiential approach complete with rich storytelling ensured the IFA 2019 activation was the best yet.


Welcome to the Philips Family Home at IFA: