Photonis IDEX

Photonis IDEX


  • Best Modular Stand – BRONZE
  • Best Reusable Stand – SILVER

Agency: Expovorm International

Client: Photonis

Event Name: IDEX, Eurosatory, DSEI

Agency Website:



The Brief:  

The company Photonis produces night vision tubes. This tube is a small but essential part in night vision equipment. The market for these products is small and Photonis really knows her clients. Their exhibit participation is based on a customer receipt and invitation only. The main wishes were:
– Open
– Modular
– Custom-build
They participated shows in many different countries and with different sized stands and build with the support of our local qualified partners. The overall wish was a night atmosphere without the whole stand being dark and a glossy white colour was their preference.


The Solution:

The main idea for the stand came together in our design by using different kind of Octanorm products and services. Thereby the stand became modular, suitable for different surface dimensions and still had the same look and feeling. By using our OSPI-partners (Octanorm Service Partners international) from around the world we had qualified support for the project with local knowledge and knowhow. It was a white glossy open stand, with an illuminated star sky as night accent. Within the stand you would find displays for the night vision glass tubes, a bar, a storage and a small meeting area with high-end furniture. By which we met all Photonis wishes as described in briefing.



We were in competition with 3 other companies. In order to standout we chose to presented our design to our potential costumer by making use of a video animation. Our presentation was a success. Photonis described our design with one word “Bullseye”.


The Result:

Our costumer was satisfied with the outcome and achieved all their set goals. We are very pleased with the results so far (see pictures enclosed). Up to the present day we build this project nine times. Two times we had to enlarge the stand with rented materials, but still maintain the same look and feeling as shown in the pictures enclosed.

In the design phase of the project we took into account the usability of all materials. Therefore we chose Octanorm materials combined with some custom-made products in our design. We have chosen the dimensions of our materials in such away that reuse was optimized. All these materials can be reused many times and gives us the opportunity to change the stand for every location if needed without wasting materials. Description of the used materials:
– Raised floor, Octafloor classic 1 x 1 meter with 12 mm floor panels white
– Walls, Octawall aluminium frames with 8 mm panels white
– Lightboxes and ceiling, Octalumina aluminium frames with printed fabrics
– Lighting, Octanorm LED lights
– Counter and displays, custom made
– Packaging, wooden transport/storage boxes

Even the printed materials have been used multiple times. Only if our client wants to change the print, we have to replace it. Because of this way of working we can achieve a level of more than 95% reusability. Making the right choices in materials, packing and transport is essential to creating a reusable stand. Up to this day this project is build 9 times, some by us (Expovorm) and some by our partners worldwide.