Playtech at ICE 2019

Playtech at ICE 2019


Agency: 2Heads Global Design

Client: Playtech

Event Name: ICE 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

Playtech is the world’s largest online gaming software supplier and has been a client of 2Heads for 10 years. In 2019, Playtech challenged 2Heads to ensure its target audiences created their own paths of discovery though its latest bespoke content and gaming solutions at ICE 2019. In particular, Playtech wanted 2Heads to demonstrate the business’ ‘content everywhere’ approach.
ICE London is the flagship international B2B gaming industry event and comprises a three-day show, attended by 600+ solutions experts and 36,000 gaming professionals. The show provided 2Heads with the opportunity to frame Playtech’s products, services and proof points of success through live interaction and engaging stories.
Playtech tasked 2Heads to move away from a corporate exhibition look and to create an attraction-based, immersive and interactive experience. Central to this was engaging the audience’s senses through the look and feel of the stand. The idea was that attendees would play and explore the world of Playtech in a manner more aligned with a large-scale attraction.
There is often a lot of competition for attention at events and it can be difficult for brands to stand out. Therefore, Playtech’s unique customer benefits needed to be communicated in a clear and concise way to encourage deeper conversations with its target audience.
2Heads’ budget was £1.3m across a stand size of 1,073sqm.

The Solution

2Heads leveraged its industry expertise to deliver a content-rich Playtech brand experience with real purpose. From a visitors’ first engagement at the ICE stand, Playtech and 2Heads embraced the ‘experience is everything’ mantra to deliver an immersive event that was aimed to stay front of mind. 2Heads evolved the conventional exhibition booth and created a world that begged to be explored. In line with Playtech’s brief, the world consisted of nine different zones that were open to all attendees with no exclusive areas.
A customised Playtech user experience was designed through a series of immersive engagements including a 20x20ft content discovery cube as the main focal point alongside branded photo opportunities. Multiple LED surfaces, interactive audio and bespoke content were all used to place the audience inside Playtech’s games.
2Heads also wanted to create unique takeover moments at the stand in order to increase dwell time and to attract a greater number of visitors at different points throughout the show. At a product level, 2Heads utilised football jugglers, a casino immersive cube with alternating digital content, live trivia activations, dealer co-hosting spaces, bingo events and a continuous takeover with multiple casino game zones to appeal to all attendees.
At a business level, the Playtech brand takeover began at the entrance to ICE, enabling visitors to engage with the brand as soon as they entered the building. Academy sessions also took place with broadcast audio across the reception booth with industry-led insight on Playtech products and services, and a focus on industry-wide training and development.

The Activation

From the moment visitors entered the building, 2Heads ensured there was ample exposure to the Playtech brand with an increased number of touchpoints. A connected customer journey was created to deliver a fully immersive experience that aimed to exceed the expectations of Playtech’s target audience.

The stand was a focal point within the venue and its complex and intricate design invited thousands of visitors to explore its intricacies. The energy and enthusiasm that went into the activation was evident and this naturally invited people towards the stand. It fast became the ‘go to’ destination at the event.
2Heads used technology that appealed to the audience’s different senses, including LED lighting and tailormade digital content. These platforms communicated Playtech’s key features and messaging around each of its games in a clear and engaging format for audience members to enjoy.
The activation also built upon Playtech’s reputation for innovation by inciting curiosity with areas such as a casino cube, academy and ‘gaming squares’ or expertise zones where key games were showcased. These areas not only drew people to the stand, but because of what they offered, ensured they lingered for longer in order to find out further information and take in additional brand messaging.
Six members of the 2Heads team took part in the project, plus an additional 100 people from different supplier partners. The 2Heads departments that were involved included Client Operations, Logistics, Project Finance, Client Services, Production, Creative Direction, 3D Design, Technical, R&D, and the leadership of Digital Content & Executive Director, James Simpkins.

The Results

2Heads successfully demonstrated an outstanding showcase of the Playtech brand by securing and offering:
• 15 investor tours, demonstrating the latest in iGaming innovation
• Takeover moments throughout the day featuring each of Playtech’s nine games studios

More than 30,000 visitors were introduced to the latest iGaming and Marketplace innovations through a series of brand experiences. Popular events within the activation, such as the academy sessions were 120% oversubscribed.

The initiative was a huge success with Playtech sales staff – more than 96% of Playtech’s team members said the immersive content 2Heads created helped to communicate product benefits effectively and in an engaging, creative manner.

Specific to this, Playtech’s product specialists asked 200 visitors three questions concerning brand engagement which led to:

• 50% of visitors understanding the benefits of advanced iGaming products and Marketplace in the gaming industry, prior to engagement
• 95% of visitors after immersion with the brand fully understood what it delivered post demonstration
• 90% of visitors said they would be promoting Playtech’s ‘content everywhere’ philosophy following the iGaming experience

A post event internal product/sales staff survey concluded the following insights:

• 96% of the sales team agreed that the content and resources explaining advanced iGaming, Marketplace & other Playtech products helped them to explain the benefits of the solutions
• 88% of the sales team agreed that the Playtech ICE 2019 brand experience helped attract more people into the space to engage with them and the products
• 63% of the sales team agreed that the Playtech ICE 2019 brand experience supported their sales process