Playtech Brand Experience @ ICE 2020

Playtech Brand Experience @ ICE 2020


Agency: 2Heads Global Design

Client: Playtech

Event Name: ICE London 2020

Agency Website:

The Brief

ICE London is the flagship international B2B gaming industry event and Playtech’s key opportunity to frame their proof points of success through live interaction and engaging stories.

As the world’s largest online gaming software supplier, Playtech wanted an encompassing experiential campaign at ICE that showcased them as software developer of choice.

Playtech wanted an innovative B2B experience that encouraged engagement and ensured its target audiences created their own paths of discovery though their bespoke content and gaming solutions. Playtech also wanted to demonstrate the business’ ‘content everywhere’ approach.

As an ultra-competitive event for audience attention, Playtech’s presence at ICE needed to moved away from the corporate format towards an attraction-based, interactive experience that engaged audiences’ interest through sense immersion and play in a manner more aligned with a large-scale attraction.

The campaign also had to deliver on stringent sales and marketing terms as well. Playtech’s unique customer benefits needed to be communicated in a concise way that encouraged deeper conversations with target audience. Everything about the design and content of the event had to lead guests into quantifiable engagements with the brand and staff.

Playtech required their environments to offer user experience for their products but also balance this with their passion as a company to embrace responsible gaming in everything they do

The Solution and Activation

2Heads developed a full B2B experiential campaign that included concept, experience design, event production, social content, content creation and event promotion strategy to:

1) Align Playtech to their brand objective as industry leaders through immersive play:

• The Playtech brand takeover began at the entrance to ICE, enabling visitors to engage with the brand as soon as they entered the building.
• A customised Playtech user experience was designed through a series of immersive engagements including 20x20ft content canyons, branded photo opportunities, multiple LED surfaces, interactive audio and bespoke content that placed the audience inside Playtech’s games.
• Visitor were invited to academy sessions with broadcast audio across the reception and industry-led insight on Playtech products and services.

2) Bring the Playtech vision to life with colour and content at the heart of the experience:

• 2Heads had the honour of designing the 2D and 3D content for Playtech, using a palette of colours that stole the show.
• By positioning hospitality in the heart of the space, we ensured that all roads into the environment led directly to the Playtech experts and a beating heart of energetic digital content.
• We created unique takeover moments to increase dwell time and to attract a greater number of visitors at different points throughout the show. 2Heads utilised performers, immersive digital spaces, live dealer activations, SaaS Partner co-hosting spaces, and themed events.

3) Create a CX journey that delved behind the technology to the human interface:

• We achieved Playtech’s desired return on objective by drawing key partners into engaging business conversations.
• The campaign created a narrative around the Playtech experts and their team as REAL people that investors and operators need to meet and engage with.
• Use of targeted architecture and a physical CX journey; the one-level 360-degree circle design channelled users to the right engagement zones and created an experience that amplified key products and formed a platform to work, talk and plan.
• Only a few brands like Playtech have a full-service offering so it was important that digital content clearly delineated those different services in a way that was instantly understandable. The CX design successfully achieved this by encircling an ‘expert’ core with ‘avenues’ of different services that allows all visitors to navigate the brand and understand brand narrative.

4) Deliver the right messaging:

• Collaboration between partners and Playtech, and the balance of responsible play were the key messages campaigned at the event.
• Clear concise messaging was delivered to key stakeholders through the content channels and LED content canyon.
• For other guests, Playtech’s reputation for innovation was reinforced through an inciting curiosity campaign of immersive gaming onsite and a social media video campaign.

Key Elements:

• The ‘Content Channels’ zones offered guests the opportunity to engage with the Playtech team and learn about latest products including their Sports, Live, Retail, Poker, Casino and Bingo solutions.

• The ‘Casino Canyon’ featured a suite of experiential aspects designed to excite attendees through immersive audio and motion graphic gaming content.

• The ‘Product Amplification’ of Playtech’s premier product Kingdoms Rise was celebrated with the release of their most recent suite Captain’s Treasure and supported with a branded launch event with DJ, accompanying steel drums and themed props.

• The ‘Networking Hub’ promoted not only education on product development but engaged with Playtech’s key message of responsible play and industry-wide thought leadership.

The Results

• The Playtech event was a focal point within ICE and its inclusive design invited thousands of visitors to explore the content channels. The energy and enthusiasm that went into the activation was evident and it fast became the ‘go to’ destination at the event.

• 2Heads successfully demonstrated an outstanding showcase of the Playtech brand by securing and offering 15 investor tours, demonstrating the latest in iGaming and Marketplace innovations.

• The event exceeded Playtech’s ambitious target of engaging 20,000 people in meaningful conversations and introductions to the latest iGaming innovations through a series of brand experiences.

• The social media campaigns launched before, during and after the event received over 30,000 impressions.

• Popular events within the activation, such as the Captain’s Treasure Launch were 120% oversubscribed.

• The initiative was a huge success with Playtech sales staff – more than 96% of Playtech’s team members said the immersive content 2Heads created helped to communicate product benefits effectively and in an engaging, creative manner.

• James Simpkins, Managing Director at 2Heads, said: “We’ve been collaborating with Playtech for a number of years by helping them reach new audiences and start new conversations. Playtech had an ambitious target of engaging 20,000 people in meaningful conversations so we created themed areas that really amped up the crowds. Simplicity and sustainability of brand message was key and the targeted expert zones really worked this year, making Playtech’s presence at ICE 2020 arguably their best.’