Portable Desk Manufacturing

Portable Desk Manufacturing


Agency: Expo Centric

Client: Expo Centric Pty Ltd

Event Name: Portable Desk Manufacturing

Agency Website: www.expocentric.com.au

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The Brief

Covid-19 arrived and 100% of Expo Centric’s business was cancelled! How to survive?

Expo Centric has inhouse Sales, Project Management, Design, Cabinet Making, CNC Operator and Warehousing capability. We examined how to utilise our capabilities, facilities and keep our team employed.

We also examined what the Covid-19 world needed as businesses shut, and others direct their workers to work from home.

It became apparent that the vast majority of people who were directed to work from home did not have an adequate home office setup. We started researching home office solutions to help improve the lives of people WFH.

The Solution and Activation

Through deep market research we uncovered the following WFH issues:

• Many workers directed to work from home did not have dedicated home-office space and required space efficient solutions.

• A functional desk for the home-office was identified as a key missing component.

• Workers were used to having access to a range of desk solutions (standing, wide, narrow etc) and some or all of their old office capabilities needed to be available in their home-office.

• The unknown of Covid-19 and how long workers would be required to work from home drove consumers to cost effective solutions.

• Many retails stores ran out of office stock and couldn’t source new stock, we saw the gap in the market as a result of the global shut down.

• Finally, and most importantly for a product to be accepted by consumers, it had to be easy to order, cheap to ship to the customer, quick to assemble and disassemble and ideally assembly would be tool-less.

Very quickly we identified that our capabilities particularly in Design, Cabinet Making and CNC machining were a natural fit to addressing home-office desks requirements.

The design team developed a family of desks that would support the breath of needs in the marketplace (standing, sitting, wide, narrow, working in bed etc). All Expo Centric desks are designed to be shipped flat pack, significantly reducing shipping complexity and costs and they can be stored flat pack when not in use.

All Expo Centric desk designs are 100% tool-less assemble and take between 1 and 2 minutes to assemble or disassemble, allowing customers to be ready to work in a matter of minutes without the need for tools.

The family of desk products were designed, to utilise our CNC capabilities and minimise manufacturing operations, to enable a cost-effective product to be made available to consumers.

The Results

Our ability to manufacture locally on demand and deliver quickly was key to the success. We sold over 1000 furniture products. Our hero product was the Lite-Desk, with a RRP $245 and manufacture cost of $85.1; the profit margin for this product was 65%.

As a results of the successful pivot, we kept many staff in employment and did not have to completely close our doors during the COVID-19 pandemic