Qualcomm at CES 2019

Qualcomm at CES 2019


Agency: Enigma Creative Solutions

Client: Qualcomm

Event Name: CES 2019

Agency Website: enigmacs.com

The Brief

At the forefront of foundational 5g Technology, Qualcomm needed a powerful platform to translate its 10 years of research, development, and innovation from the intangible, to a physical consumer-facing experience at CES.

With over 20,000sqft of space to work with Enigma were set this challenge – take the “Big Bang” moment of transition from 4G to 5G and devise an interactive showcase that presents the research, technology, new applications and most importantly, the possibilities that 5G brings.

The Solution

The key 5G attributes of interconnectivity, speed and growth inspired the physical design. We developed a layered architecture, using lighting, projection and AV solutions to create a dynamic environment that bought the Qualcomm brand into focus on the crowded show floor.

The centerpiece was a fully immersive “5G-Cube” experience, allowing visitors to step inside the age of innovation, and explore the possibilities for themselves –

The Activation

Working in close collaboration with product, brand and marketing teams within Qualcomm, we developed a visitor experience, that was both cohesive, compelling and interactive. Considering all kinds of visitors, from clients to investors, staff and the general public we presented a narrative that ensured that the R&D, innovation and overall possibilities of 5G were articulated clearly and engagingly.

To ensure that demonstrations of sensitive technology performed correctly, we worked hand in hand with Qualcomm Engineers to incorporate a Faraday Cage into the stand. This highly technical feature ensured a signal-free environment and flawless technology demos.

In the spirit of wanting to quantify the success of the experience, we deployed new technology to measure visitor foot traffic, dwell times in relation to each demo and patterns of movement through the stand throughout the day. The insights collected formed a valuable baseline from which to inform future design and signposting, demo prioritisation and staffing.

The Results

There was a time when 5G felt like a bit of a distant reality, but Qualcomm’s activity at CES made it real. We’ve worked tirelessly with Qualcomm to unveil this new generation of faster, more reliable connectivity to the masses, and last month, we finally did – to great applause.

The 30 meeting rooms on the stand hosted over 600 vital conversations that resulted in a raft of new partnerships, as well as strengthening existing ones.

The measurement of foot traffic and demo engagement that was gathered was used just a few months later in Barcelona for the subsequent install at Mobile World Congress 2020.