Quality Tile Display

Quality Tile Display

Award: Best Reusable Stand – SILVER

Agency: Dijon Designs

Client: Parkside Ceramics

Event Name: Clerkenwell Design Week, 100% Design, Dealer Conference, Various hosted events.

Agency Website: dijondesigns.com





The Brief:  

Parkside Ceramics is a new tile supplier to Architects, Interior Designers and Specifiers in the building industry. The Dijon team designed, project managed and installed new showrooms in Chelsea and a head office in Leicester and our client wanted to explore innovative ways of accessing this competitive market with maximum impact.

We assisted Parkside in targeting several traditionally organised exhibitions that their target audience attended and proposed a roadshow to effectively launch themselves into their market with an unusual and impactful solution which also had longevity and reusability.

As this was a new initiative, the senior account team at Dijon Designs partnered our client and essentially became an extension of their marketing team. We helped to write the brief and evolve strategy to ensure a successful series of events.


The Solution:

We all had a clear ambition to turn heads, to do something different and impactful and introduce this luxury range of products to Architects and Designers. As a result, we knew that we had to be innovative in our approach and ensure our proposed solution was relevant. City centre developments have the challenge of creating luxury apartments in restricted spaces, so we chose a 20’ shipping container to showcase two high-end luxury bathrooms. It was imperative that the designs appealed to the audience and spoke to the industry, so we adopted two themes: one modern in its execution and the second a more traditional bathroom design.

‘Bold and Beautiful’ and ‘Sleek and Serious’ was born from this concept. We asked the audience which of the two themes they preferred out of the two stunning bathroom sets that were housed in a 20’ side-opening shipping container. The natural juxtaposition of the industrial container fitted with stunning bathrooms was used to great effect.

Further the shipping container solution overcame the restriction of time on site as the fully fitted bathrooms can be lifted into place without any compromise to the finishes inside that needed to be precise. This solution allows us to consider a host of events and to change the interior in future years to appeal to other markets.



We sourced a donor – a ‘pre-loved’ 20’ shipping container that had travelled from China. It had a large, side-opening door and was the ideal internal size for our concept. Our team designed and strengthened the structure to reduce any flex in the walls that may affect the tiling and we fitted sliding glass doors and a hook-up for power.

Once we had our shell, we started the process of designing and installing 2 beautiful bathrooms – one Bold and Beautiful and the other, Sleek and Serious. Our designers worked seamlessly with our client to ensure that the most minute details were perfect on the tiles, the bathroom finishes and the interior. Water jet cut tiles and CNC fabrication from our team ensured it all came together beautifully.

The lighting was carefully designed for each area, our designer took time to study the effects of shadows and shade produced when up-lighting or downlighting the selected tiles and trims.

Once complete, we lifted the container from our workshop via specialist transportation and via a road closure in London, on a Sunday in May, delivered our ‘exhibition stand’ to Clerkenwell Design Week for its launch. Once safely in situ, we added some external branding, a creative set of tiled, bespoke seating areas and an external tiled platform for easy access.

This project that really brought out the very best of our entire team. Detailed project management of suppliers, meticulous design detail, engineering and workshop skill were all employed to the highest possible standards.


The Result:

From the moment we pulled back the glass doors, the exhibition container sparked interest and excitement from every delegate. We showcased our client’s products by speaking directly to their audience in a language that they recognised and as a result, we had differentiated our clients from the competition. They were set aside, in a league of their own. The talk around the stand was not only about the tiles, but about trends, fashions, challenges within the market.

We asked the audience to select their preference via social media: Bold and Beautiful vs Sleek and Serious, which attracted a huge amount of traffic and our innovative solution generated good press coverage. Most importantly, we attracted the target audience to engage with our client.

• 8,076 Instagram impressions at CDW
• 15,200 Twitter impressions during the week
• Over 200 new customers met on the container
• 3 magazine articles and many mentions in press and online blogs
• £1.6m is the value of potential new business the client identified from CDW

From this launch show the container has now been used in the Jewellery Quatre in Birmingham at the famous Javelin Block development for local designers, at a shooting club for a dealer conference and we have plans for more events in Manchester, Soho Farmhouse and Clerkenwell. Future discussions about new interiors will allow us to go back to events and reinvent the story !