r3 2019 Trade Show Programme

r3 2019 Trade Show Programme


Agency: GLS Design

Client: r3

Event Name: Sibos 2019 and Singapore FinTech Festival 2019

Agency Website: wwww.glsdesign.co.uk

The Brief

r3’s 48 square-metre Sibos stand represented a large investment for the firm, and their two key objectives were clear: present r3 as a world leader in the global blockchain space – promoting their in-depth expertise, experience and industry-leading technology – while also showcasing their latest innovation, Corda, which is a unique next-generation blockchain platform catering for every business in every industry. The result of two years’ intense research and development, the Corda platform records, manages and executes institutions’ financial agreements in perfect synchrony with their peers, in order to create a world of frictionless commerce.

So the challenge laid down for us, was to create a stand experience that leveraged both the r3 and Corda brands, in order to increase awareness of both. They required their stand to feature an overall look and feel that conveyed the world-class technological innovation they pride themselves on, incorporating the clean, bold colours of their current branding, while also finding ways in which to evolve said branding. This was to be expressed via graphics, signage and overall structural design.

Within all this, r3 required us to put together a branded space that enabled them to facilitate a large quantity of meetings with existing and potential customers, industry leaders, and influencers alike, so having booths that could meet these requirements was non-negotiable. They also required additional meeting areas with storage.

In essence, it was very important to r3 that their stand stood out among the competition, and with over 200 exhibitors present, this would be stiff. But if we could create a space that highlighted them as the world leader in blockchain technology software, the potential upside could be exceptional.

The Solution

Paying close attention to our client’s 2D corporate guidelines, our team came together to develop a dynamic, visually-engaging 3D version, in order to effectively showcase r3 as a forward-thinking, world leader in their field, and truly make them stand out among partners and competitors alike.

The space we created was modern, bright and technically innovative, utilising multiple iPads to create a chic, curved video wall that, as an engaging central focal point, was impossible for passing delegates to miss.

To ensure the visual branding was prominent, we went with a bold use of the red and orange within the r3 colour palette, which was both eye-catching and warm, and the liberal use of lighting enabled the key branding and signage to be highly visible.

With the meeting areas being key, we incorporated warm red and orange hues and lighting effects to create a contemporary, inviting feel that put visitors at ease right away. It was a world away from the cold, corporate white space seen on many stands.
Structurally, the large white swirls flowing throughout the upper areas of the stand gave something of an ultra-modern appearance that not only evolved the branding, but also aptly reflected the futuristic, technological nature of the brands it represented.

On certain walls, we incorporated an on-trend, more neutral charcoal colour to complement the vibrant colours all around. We also used this colour to differentiate the Corda branding from the overall r3 branding, which was essential to the brief of highlighting the two key brands within the stand.

The contrast of the whites of the multiple screens, with the powerful red, orange and black livery enabled the r3 stand to establish individuality in a crowded space. The general vibe of the space accurately reflected the clients wish for their stand to express leadership, innovation and modern thinking.

The Activation

Upon confirmation of the project, our team at GLS put their heads together to create the concept and iron out the practicalities, then, with no time to spare, our Project Director was straight on a plane to Singapore in order to source a local assembly team and ensure they were fully briefed on the plans.

We created the stand in Singapore as the costs were more amenable, and the stand was then shipped to London, along with the assembly team, for the Sibos conference at the Excel Centre from the 23rd to the 26th of September 2019. All achieved on time, and on budget.

As r3 were so happy with their stand at Sibos, they asked us to recreate the experience back in Singapore for their next event, the Singapore Fintech Festival, taking place between the 11th and 15th of November 2019.

So this all happened within just seven short weeks, with both time and money short, but we worked closely with both r3 and our local team in Singapore, to get everything completed to the highest possible standards.

The Results

r3 were ecstatic with the results from the Sibos show. Their stand was, in their words, “the talk of the town”, and the customer feedback was hugely positive. The r3 space stood out so much, it quickly became something of a hub for delegates at the show – and not just for customers and influencers. The phrase “meet me at the r3 stand” was heard numerous times from all kinds of delegates throughout the show.

The constant buzz and overall energy at the stand was infectious, which played no small part in r3 posting excellent numbers compared to previous shows. Indeed, customer engagement was up a huge 56% on the previous year, while passing trade was up 61%.

Their customers found the space ideal for meetings and discussions, with the inviting, comfortable, yet creative-looking space helping the r3 sales team nurture new and existing relationships. All of which helped the team turn many leads into sales, with conversions to the next stage of sale up 37% from 2018.

r3 themselves praised us for both our personal and project management skills, which helped make their lives so much easier, and they also waxed lyrical about our inspired creative choices, which was great to hear. As mentioned, this trust in our capabilities compelled r3 to hire us again to create their next event project, the huge Singapore Fintech Festival just a few weeks later, and this relationship continues to develop, as we’ve been commissioned to create their exhibition stands once again in 2020.

r3 weren’t alone in seeking our services either, with many delegates and exhibitors approaching r3 staff to ask who created their stand, and one of their key partners, actually saying “we want one of those!”.