• Best Modular Stand – SILVER
  • Best Reusable Stand – GOLD


Client: BY D


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The Brief:  

The way the stand had to be built was that it had to best reflect Richard Mille’s identity through sales outlets located in all the most prestigious cities in the world.Vintage cars are unveiled in a pure universe of simple shapes and colours as well as presented in a technical world by using specific materials and lights.
Aesthetism, shapes, colours and technical details of cars or watches in shops find their true meaning in this environment. The simplicity of the stand is illusion as elements, materials, lights – its constituent components – are calibrated and chosen to make the stand an ideal setting.


The Solution:

The most relevant request of the client was this notion of an ideal setting. So we knew the founding element was the floor… The solution for our client was for us to use a floor of an excellent quality. We had invested in a reusable one a few months ago, aware of the fact that we would meet our clients’demand.



This floor was supposed to carry heavy vehicles and at the same time was aimed at highlighting them. As a matter of fact, the floor is infinitely reusable and equipped with adjustable steel-made feet and above all, it’s dimensionally stable, which is an eco-friendly asset…
The chosen colour for the stand was black. To highlight Richard Mille’s well-known brand, the combination of materials was everywhere : backlit glass panels, leather – trimmed walls, a curved laminated headband, opaque streched ceilings and a « noir perfect » material coated with anti-fingerprint treatment (PerfectSense Matt)
There was a perfect alignment between the floor and the partitions : the perspective view of the stand was fluid and balanced thanks to the way racing cars were exhibited.


The Result:

Pictures show how the horizontality of the floor makes the cars special. We know that using high-quality products can lead to an eco-friendly approach in so far as our floor equipment will always meet our clients’ demand as well as our sustainability policy.