RISO at The Print Show 2019

RISO at The Print Show 2019


Agency: Vivid Pixel Creative

Client: RISO

Event Name: The Print Show 2019

Agency Website: www.vividpixel.co.uk

The Brief

RISO tasked us with creating an impactful stand that acted as a platform to premier the first in a new line of production printers along with their current fleet of Printers and Accessories.

This exhibition stand brief required an open, welcoming, fully integrated, functioning, networked stand, relaxed space for meetings, storage, video, brand visibility, real-life user quotes and live demonstrations showing varying capabilities. Above all they wanted a stand that grabbed more interest than the bigger brands and their competitors and neighbours.

Returning to the print show for the fifth time, we were asked to try and think of a budget-saving design due to the space size doubling (but not the budget!) at the last minute to a prime spot right at the entrance of the hall. This also enabled RISO to add an additional demo area which stretched our workload, cost-cutting skills and imagination further.

Where possible, we were asked to build in some future-proofing of graphics as these would be required for the forthcoming year.

The Solution

We needed to ensure maximum exposure of this brand new flagship production machine so it was essential that it stood alone, yet sustained the ‘family of graphics’, binding the whole design together. The graphic design played a large part in the bringing together of demo zones, quotes, product benefits and USPs.

We proposed the Aluvision system as a solution to a common request; To design and build a concept that could be re-purposed without compromising the bespoke nature of their previous stands. Yet offering a multitude of uses, finishes, graphic changes, integrated media display options and flexible floor space sizes.

Introducing archways allowed for the structure to link with the back wall and store areas without impeding sight lines, additional divider screens to define the rear of the machines, keep cabling tidy and allow more graphical opportunities.

Along with the practical benefit of being extremely versatile, the frame-based stand design retains an impressive back drop for the launch of their new production printer, the Valezus T2100, it allows for re-use of the 90% weight and space-saving fabric graphics.

The Activation

We managed the complete project for RISO, having worked with them for several years now, we have built up a good working relationship that has built trust in us as a service provider. From the initial shapes, concepts and graphical elements, right through to the delivery of the project we were always in contact with the client, discussing method, timings and keeping things as efficient as possible.

The high level 4m tower carried the main brand and message and served as a part store, part info was for one of four separate demo zones. Each was different yet combined with one graphic theme to bring it all together visually. For a most welcoming experience we used light colours, simple, focused messaging, mixed substrates and subtle low level lighting plus rigged high level lighting. The centrepiece and focal area was a slightly raised lightbox with an eco-themed green ‘living’ wall for a more relaxed meeting space.

The Results

The resulting stand was lauded by client and visitors alike. It was inarguably the most visible and the RISO brand centre stage as visitors arrived. The sales outcomes are too soon to measure currently as the show was only a month ago but several positive leads were recorded and brand awareness was definitely heightened – as was reported back to us from the client.

One sale has already been confirmed as a result of the show. Though it is speculation that the stand had this result, two companies visited the stand especially to see the new high-value production product being demonstrated in the accessible and open space provided by the overall space design. These encounters were met very positively and will be more long-term conversations as decisions are made.

Overall, from the client’s budget point of view, they benefitted from a saving of 35-40% on this particular service and stand from us due to resourcefulness and diligence.