Roche Molecular Diagnostics – AIDs 2018

Roche Molecular Diagnostics – AIDs 2018

Award: Best Stand at a Healthcare Event – GOLD

Agency: Ignition

Client: Roche Molecular Diagnostics

Event Name: AIDs 2018

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The Brief:  

Roche Molecular Diagnostics develops, manufactures and supplies a wide array of innovative medical diagnostic products, tests, platforms and technologies.

Taking a design-heavy approach across spatial and graphic, we have worked to bring Roche’s profile to life across their calendar of exhibitions. This includes working across multiple practice areas and sub-brands.

Ahead of AIDs 2018 in Amsterdam, the client was looking to reimagine their pre-existing campaign for the Global Access Program (GAP), which has historically had quite a stale application using a printed kaleidoscope device. Even though it was a small space, the client was also keen to draw delegates to their stand and so posed the challenge – make a big impact in a small space.


The Solution:

Building a physical kaleidoscope installation made out of 100s of mirrors and plasma separation cards (a product of the clients) introduced colour, reflection, light and movement. This acted as an attractor; drawing delegates onto the stand and towards the key feature of a digital table where content could be interacted with. Attendees would stand underneath the chandelier to take photos – providing a memorable experience and shareable content.



In order to make a large impact in a small space, we delivered a number of activations on the stand designed to attract and engage delegates; maintaining their engagement with the various elements of the campaign that were represented.

Coupled to the kaleidoscope chandelier described, we also designed and implemented a donation wall which illustrated a famous piece of art known to Amsterdam featuring tulips. Delegates could come onto the stand and add a tulip to the art with Roche making charitable donations associated with advancing the treatment of AIDs on their behalf.

There was also a Scientific and Medical Affairs corner for more lengthy and in-depth discussions; meaning all delegates were catered for.


The Result:

The design and execution resulted in a high level of activation on the stand; with the improved use of a preexisting campaign meeting the clients objective of providing an attractor at the show regardless of the stand size.

Roche had a steady stream of guests throughout the program and even competitors came to visit the exhibit, standing underneath the chandelier and taking pictures. The feature cast light on the surrounding booths creating a buzz across the show.

Client feedback from the show was that the design and execution was the strongest that the brand has had. It has been highlighted internally as a model to work toward for future projects.