Rolls-Royce at Paris Air Show 2019

Rolls-Royce at Paris Air Show 2019


Agency: 2Heads Global Design

Client: Rolls-Royce

Event Name: Paris Air Show 2019

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The Brief

2Heads began its relationship with Rolls-Royce in 2017, working with the aviation giant on its global show programme including NBAA in the USA, Dubai Airshow, Farnborough Airshow and more. 2Heads partners with Rolls-Royce on 20+ activations annually including airshows, live events and exhibitions across Europe, North America, Asia and Middle East.

The essential focus for each activation is the promotion of Rolls-Royce’s vision – positioning it as a world leading industrial technology company and ‘Pioneers of Power’ in a changing aerospace industry.

As the only Tier 1 aviation event in 2019, Paris Air Show (PAS) drew 140,000+ industry professionals to its 54th edition, with a further 3,500 journalists and 180,000 members of the public attending. The event showcased the latest industry technology and is a key event in the aviation calendar.

Rolls-Royce wanted to focus its presence at PAS on the delegate journey and ensure from the moment its guests drew close to the Rolls-Royce chalet, every experience; from greeting, meeting and presentation, was reflective of the company’s brand.

2Heads’ needed to provide a welcome to the exhibition that stood out, evocative of Rolls-Royce’s reputation as pioneers of the industry whilst still providing the familiar comfort that reflected its brand values as it conducted business.

For 2Heads, an important aspect of the brief was to evolve the immersive digital content previously exhibited with success at Farnborough Airshow and create a 360-degree experience for visitors to the Rolls-Royce chalet at Paris. This required a focal point of interest for visitors that left a lasting brand impact while encouraging people to dwell and absorb the information displayed. 2Heads needed to create digital imagery that took visitors on a journey, building a narrative representative of the Rolls-Royce brand as well as pushing the boundaries of digital and immersive experience.

The Solution

2Heads updated Rolls-Royce’s existing 630sqm chalet, creating formal and informal corporate hospitality spaces, a meeting and briefing room and a digital showcase at the heart of the space.

Evolving the content from Farnborough Airshow, 2Heads produced a central digital experience across multiple angled screens within the chalet reception to showcase the breadth of the Rolls-Royce portfolio. This was combined with brand messaging to create an eye-catching external facade and immersive internal space. Using virtual reality (VR) helped the internal team and client to visualise how the final experience would work and bring the space to life in an immersive preview
2Heads understood the value of creating a high impact experience for Rolls-Royce, not only for the visitors who were invited inside the chalet, but also to the public who would experience only the external facade and a peak of what was within. 2Heads truly wanted to disrupt the way chalets were presented at aviation events and created a fully immersive environment to match its ambitions.

The Activation

At the heart of the Rolls-Royce exhibition, a welcome activation was created to incite visitors to linger. The digital showcase consisted of an external façade and internal welcome activation that incited visitors to linger. A fully digitalised reception consisting of ten separate ‘walls’ of LED screens told one cohesive story of Rolls-Royce’s product portfolio before taking viewers into Rolls-Royce’s vision for the future. Through digital innovations such as full height motion-graphics and content creation, 2Heads’ ensured the Rolls-Royce corporate narrative was demonstrated in a noticeable yet not over-powering way.

The welcome experience used colour and light to engage with visitor’s senses so that the immersion into information on the Rolls-Royce vision as leaders in industrial technology and pioneers for power was impactful and lasting. The enclosure of LED screens created caverns of content where people could enter to view more. The result was a high impact experience for delegates, disrupting the way chalets are normally presented at aviation events.
Beyond the immersive reception, 2Heads also understood there was comfort in brand-recognition and order to demonstrate this, drew on experience to create a B2B environment within the chalet that used creative touchpoints and unique tailoring to Rolls-Royce to continue the visitor journey. 2Heads ensured quality and capability was sewn into the fabric of the experience and worked hard to make sure it worked logistically, aware of the need to be reflective of Rolls-Royce’s performance as aviation pioneers.

The Results

2Heads successfully created a unique environment that helped position Rolls-Royce as a leading industrial technology company and pioneers in all that they do. The welcome reception at PAS set Rolls-Royce aside from PAS competitors as investors in the future; as an aviation giant disrupting the norm and pushing for change. Beyond the activation, the exhibition focused on quality facilities for guests ensuring that invite-only guests from a mixture of civil, aerospace and international state defense delegations were welcomed into a space that went beyond expectations.
During Paris Airshow, Rolls-Royce:
• Hosted 65+ meetings
• Held a further five media events and investor briefing sessions
• Utilised content 2Heads’ produced as a show teaser with over 1,500 views on Rolls-Royce social media channels alone