Rolls-Royce ‘Pioneering Power’ in Dubai

Rolls-Royce ‘Pioneering Power’ in Dubai


Agency: 2Heads Global Design

Client: Rolls-Royce

Event Name: Dubai Air Show 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

As one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, Rolls-Royce see Dubai Air Show as a key date in their calendar. Dubai Airshow is one of the ‘big four’ aviation bi-annual events and all key players in aviation and aeronautics attend to learn about new developments for the whole industry.

The aviation industry in the Middle East has undergone rapid growth in the last ten years and Rolls-Royce are at the front of that growth with important Emirates contracts. To maintain influence and show the importance placed about the region and their commitment to the Middle Eastern and African market, Rolls-Royce briefed 2Heads to create a state of the art, tech-focused activation that drew instant attention.

Rolls-Royce are committed to a more sustainable future beyond hydro-carbon tech and the focus of the stand needed to reflect the power generation conversation with information and education available through immersive content; and networking encouraged through intelligent design.

Rolls-Royce occupy the most prominent space in the airshow hall and with international visitors ranging from the Middle Eastern Airlines through to UAE royalty, 2Heads had to ensure maximum impact was created from the very start.

The Solution and Activation

With over ten years’ experience at Dubai Air show and our second year there with Rolls-Royce we were fully aware of Rolls-Royce individual requirements. Over the two-year campaign, we launched a new signature brand look that positioned Rolls-Royce as pioneers in power and our Dubai design was an evolution of this from both a content and creative point of view.

As with all our Rolls-Royce activations, we focused on the delegate journey so that greeting, meeting and presentation are all reflective of the company brand. We needed to provide a welcoming, familiar comfort that reflected their brand values and allowed Rolls-Royce to do business with their peers. The curved entrance hall welcomed visitors from right across the hall with a display of light and content available to all. And beyond, two meeting rooms and a hospitality suite were discretely tucked away where private conversations could be held between VIPs and the Rolls-Royce sales team without interruption to the flow of people and information out front.

2Heads took a unique approach to the physical design of the Rolls-Royce stand which was based upon the circular motif already used in other shows but elevated to a new architectural level. The curved design was used to cocoon visitors around the standout Trent engine which took pride of place in the centre; as much a piece of art as an demonstration of their cutting edge engineering. Moving the extremely heavy and valuable engine was one of our greatest challenge but once in situ, it made transformed the feel of the space into something very special.

Through continuing evolutions, we have made the circular design signature to Rolls-Royce. With the smooth lines and 360-degree immersion, the stand is synonymous with more futuristic experiences. With such a prime location, we also wanted the cylinder of white to be the opposite of rectangular stand designs to create a focal point and draw attention in what is a very busy and bustling trade show.

Another stand out element to the Rolls-Royce presence was the technology used internally. As a strong reflection of the tech under development at RR and their commitment to a more sustainable future through refocusing on power generation in general, we immersed visitors in digital content.

The extended walls became canvas for huge LED screens that flowed together to create a story wall of colour and content that we also crafted for Rolls-Royce to include their brand positioning, a future focus on new technology, deeper dives into their engines and aspirational footage.
Strategically positioned IPADs contained information to educate and immerse with the ability to scan the real Trent engine and then enter it’s world through the digitally twinned version. For Rolls-Royce, this was an increased use of digital to push brand messaging and expand upon what is normally seen.

The #PowerofTrent was subtly but cleverly positioned around photo opportunities to push the activation into the world of social media. Subtle but striking imagery of Rolls-Royces key principles were also enjoyed around the external walls.

The Results

– There was very little sales data due to its privileged nature. Meeting room tickets were invite only to a mixture of civil, aerospace and royal delegations.

– The Rolls-Royce ‘Pioneering’ Power at Dubai was attended by over 50% of the 84,000 show guests over the 5 days

– 2 meeting rooms were open 9 hours a day and enjoyed 80+ meetings

– There were over a million #PowerofTrent social media impressions from the event

– The Rolls-Royce space also hosted media events and briefing sessions

– 2Heads created content displayed externally and also produced an overview video used by Rolls-Royce on their social media channels