Safety solutions

Safety solutions


Agency: Creaplan NV

Client: Creaplan NV

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The Brief

As designing and building high end exhibition stands is one of Creaplan’s main activities, the corona pandemic and global shutdown of the trade fair world has had a massive impact on day-to-day business.

Due to worldwide safety regulations and precautionary measures such as lockdowns and the temporary closure of shops and companies, almost every business had to stop and/or change their way of working because they did not have the knowhow and means to set up a covid-safe workplace.

Our architects, commercial experts and technical craftsmen put their heads together to think of a solution to get companies back to work as quickly and safely as possible, making use of our existing expertise, materials and in-house workshop.

The Solution and Activation

Creaplan developed a range of furniture and displays that enabled companies to rearrange their work space to get back to work as usual, safely and quickly, focussing on protection for both employees and customers or visitors.

We named this new series our Safety Solutions, which consisted of a wide range of furniture solutions designed for use in offices, supermarkets, production halls, factories, restaurants and airports and other public places. We came up with partition walls, disinfection dispensers, audiovisual solutions to facilitate remote working, a mobile hand wash basin and a temperature checkpoint gate.

Creaplan went from design to working prototype in just a few weeks, and within the first three weeks of the lockdown, the first products were on the market.

The products had to be quickly deployable and flexible without requiring major construction works. As a stand builder and professional interior expert, we know how important a solid company branding is, so we provided the possibility to brand and personalize our Safety solutions. We developed different models and sizes so any type of business could find something to fit their needs.

At Creaplan, we focus on quality and design with an eye for detail beyond anything. That’s why our Safety solutions are all made from high-quality materials such as aluminium, glass and high-pressure laminate, resulting in a durable and sturdy product that will last years.

Health display: Qualitative and stylish display with sensor driven disinfectant dispenser, protective gloves, face masks, tissues and waste bin. Available in all shapes and sizes, customisable to fit company branding. Creaplan also provides and restocks supplies.

Heat display: walkthrough gate equipped with heat sensor to measure deviations in body temperature. Visitors are requested to walk through the display before entering the room or building. The device is touchless and automatic: instructions for the visitor are given via a screen. Thanks to a sensor instead of a camera, the display respects privacy legislation.

Office room dividers and desk shields: to protect both employee and visitor. They ensure social distancing measures can be followed with ease. Available in several shapes, sizes and styles.

Remote working solutions: screens with audiovisual integrations such as webcam and speakers for professional remote meetings and telecommuting.

Mobile hand wash station: convenient mobile hand wash station with automatic water tap and touchless soap dispenser. No access to water or power supply needed thanks to its built-in water container and rechargeable battery.

The Results

Immediately after launching we received many requests from big companies such as Brussels Airport, BMW, the NATO and Procter & Gamble, as well as large orders of 100+ displays for Carrefour, a European chain of supermarkets.

Today, the Safety solutions have become an established value within our service range, with projects in the works with over 700 contacts, nationally and internationally, and a turnover of more than € 1M.

Due to the high demand, we were able to keep our workshop and administrative activities up and running, proving great team resilience. Creaplan was featured on national television in a prime time news story highlighting the company’s successful expansion of services in times of crisis.

Today, our Safety solutions are still generating new leads and building up future potential for broader projects.