Saudi Telecom @ GITEX 2019

Saudi Telecom @ GITEX 2019


Agency: OP3 Global

Client: STC

Event Name: GITEX 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

The aim of the stand was not only to create a visually appealing space but to create an effective visitor journey and an interactive museum for visitors to fully engage with the technological developments and services of STC. The build team exceeded the expectations of the client by executing the dynamic structure consisting of 200 sqm of transparent LED screens in the exteriors and showcased the true essence of STC as a brand by incorporating the latest technologies. To ensure the successful delivery of the stand in 6 days and to achieve the maximum potential of the stand design, the team went through detailed life-size mockups and a dedicated project management team to meet the requirements of the client.
The quality of the stand was maintained using materials that were sourced locally and internationally. The transparent LED screens were specially sourced from Netherlands as per the requirements of the design. The stand design and implementation was focused a lot on technology and innovative features to engage visitors and therefore we had a dedicated team who successfully executed and maintained the technology that was the main feature of the stand. With the effective planning and execution, OP3 delivered a bold and striking design of the stand to drive traffic to STC services and leave a memorable impression on the visitors.

The Solution and Activation

STC stand at GITEX 2019 showcased the world of 5G with an impactful design that fully incorporated the latest technologies. The stand was designed with a single entry and exit point to effectively map the visitor journey across the stand so they can walk through all the zones to fully experience the technologies and services of STC. This was amongst the very few times that a stand had a single entry point and was focused on the journey mapping of visitors leaving no dead spots (i.e. low traffic) in the stand as all zones were occupied equally. We take pride in strategically achieving a fully covered design that was successfully executed despite the general market standard of being an all side open stand.
Additionally, transparent screens were used to create an innovative display of STC content on the exterior without blocking the inside view that comprised of interactive presentations, augmented reality, customized content to showcase high level presentations of different products and services based on STC Value Chain portfolio. The distinct display of technology complimented the futuristic design that was adequately welcoming for visitors.
The stand effectively engaged visitors with a lasting impact using a combination of effective design, pertinent technology and innovative thought that directly reflects the revolutionary and dynamic brand image of STC.

The Results

It was a successful participation in terms of meeting with delegates, having VIP meetings and social media exposure of the stand and one of the most talked about during the show.