Schneller @ AIX Hamburg 2019

Schneller @ AIX Hamburg 2019


Agency: Cook + Associates

Client: Schneller

Event Name: Aircraft Interiors Expo Hamburg 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

Schneller is the world’s largest supplier of aircraft interiors, serving virtually all of the world’s major aircraft, airline and rail car manufactures with cutting-edge design, technology, and flexible manufacturing. The target for Aircraft Interiors Hamburg 2019 was to present a combined space for Schneller and sister company Bruce Aerospace, who specialising in cabin lighting to showcase their vision of “changing the outlook of cabin design”– presenting their latest products, designs and cabin lighting concepts to a potential audience of 16,000 industry professionals and company decision makers.

Sharing the 300sqm stand between Schneller and sister companies Bruce Aerospace and Pexco, the brief required Bruce Aerospace and Schneller to feature a shared product display, with Pexco retaining a dedicated stand space. The challenge was to create an engaging customer journey within a cohesive design, enabling each brand to feature within a carefully integrated overall concept.

Moving away from their AIX 2018 stand experience with a different supplier which they felt was “confusing and flat”, Schneller connected with our problem-solving mindset, working together to identify the challenges and find innovative solutions. Above all, the focus was to enable a simple customer flow, immersing delegates in a creative product showcase supported by the ideal environment for professional business hospitality and private meetings.

The Solution and Activation

With AIX Hamburg representing the aviation industry’s leading annual event, Schneller’s 2019 participation needed to pack a real punch. The first focus was to break away from the past “confusing and flat” format, giving our creative team free rein to create a modern, open and contemporary style space that would really stand out in the busy exhibition hall. We also wanted to create a physical customer journey, introducing an immersive tunnel experience that brought visitors into the heart of the stand, providing them with a chance to rethink the whole concept of cabin design on the way.

Our design was inspired by natural materials and colour-ways, using a basic white colour palette bought to life by company branding and subtle colour accents. Getting away from using structured edges and closed walls by adding curves and separators to open up crowded and enclosed spaces, creating the appearance of a significantly bigger space.

The essential element was to create a stand that flowed, taking the delegate on a journey through the space. Visitors were welcomed onto the stand via the reception desk and guided through the immersive tunnel experience by product experts.

The interactive tunnel concept provided the ideal platform for the combined Schneller and Bruce Aerospace showcase, fulfilling the requirement to harmonise the two product ranges in a compelling, dynamic space. Our tunnel installation was inspired by the concept of deconstructionism – changing the visitor’s personal experience simply by modifying their perspective and therefore changing their outlook of cabin design. Carefully planned to demonstrate the capabilities and inter-relationship between Bruce Aerospace’s cabin lighting and Schneller’s aircraft interior materials. It included pre-programmed lighting to change the ambience and reflect how Schneller’s different product materials reacted to designer and mood lighting.

On emerging from the tunnel, visitors were welcomed into a bright and open hospitality area with a seating lounge and bar, with clear individual company branding to remove the previous problems of brand confusion for contact points. The stand design incorporated different levels of hospitality for different visitor’s needs, utilising seating areas around the stand and a VIP balcony area that overlooked the show floor to encourage more relaxed networking opportunities. Each of the three companies had access to their own private meeting rooms that reflected their individual branding while blending seamlessly into the overall design.

Pexco’s standalone showcase was carefully located towards the rear of the stand, combining a simple reception and meeting area that reflected their strong red branding – integrating with the overall stand design while maintaining their individual identify.

Schneller’s stand at AIX 2019 was a space where “engineering meets art” with deconstructed design elements that decorated the immersive tunnel. A result that fulfilled the brief to stand out and change the outlook of cabin design.

The Results

At AIX 2019, Schneller moved from the “ordinary” to the “extraordinary”, using the same floorspace to achieve a completely different dynamic compared to the previous year. The exhibit pushed Schneller as a strong player in the market with a professional and innovative image.

Design creativity was applied to transform the stand concept from three confusing brand spaces into a seamless, visually exciting and welcoming combination that delivered some impressive improvements in footfall and engagement.

Schneller and its sister companies reported a significantly higher quality level of stand enquiries, with the new stand design clearly communicating the different brand specialisations and product ranges. With the focus on changing the way cabin design works, the deconstructivism concept stopped people in their tracks and engaged them in a completely new way. As they walked through the interactive tunnel, they were exposed to new ideas, new products and inspirational concepts.

In 2019, the companies had a specific range of high level targets that they wanted to attract to the stand, including world giant Airbus – which were fulfilled.

FINN, Farnborough International’s video channel, kicked off its AIX show review coverage at the Schneller stand, with the theme of where engineering meets art – providing Schneller with considerably boosted exposure on the world stage.