Shure Trade Show Program

Shure Trade Show Program


Agency: ASTOUND Group

Client: Shure Incorporated

Event Name: NAB

Agency Website:

The Brief

ASTOUND worked directly with SHURE to design and build a series of modular booth components and layouts that can be utilized multiple times for different shows throughout their North America trade show program. The focus of this updated design was to showcase products in a vignette-style setting with an emphasis on optimizing assets for reconfiguration and modularity.

The Solution and Activation

Working closely with Shure, ASTOUND developed new physical brand guidelines that provided a framework that guided the new booth designs for their annual trade show program. The modular booth structure and demo features were designed and fabricated to support a variety of different footprints and configurations with a mix of rental and custom assets. Vibrant lighting gave a welcoming atmosphere while VIPs could utilize the hospitality lounge to sit down and take a break, or even use it as a meeting space.

In addition to the modular booth design, a custom mobile booth kit was also designed and fabricated to be self-contained in one crate that was intended exclusively for smaller footprints and shows. The single crate opens up to contain a product display, demo screens, branding, and some storage for the AV components. The entire kit can be easily moved into place on the show floor using the castor wheels and then installed and dismantled by a small team of 1-2 people.

A unique design concept for an immersive product demo was produced at CES 2020, the “Upgrade to Concert Class” experience. Our team fabricated an interactive representation of an airline fuselage allowing attendees to be seated and guided through a storyline that demonstrated the unique details of the client’s new Aonic product line.

The Results

We provided a solution that told the client’s story, win market share, and generate sales/marketing leads.