Skyjack ARA Anaheim 2019

Skyjack ARA Anaheim 2019


Agency: Event Exhibition & Design

Client: Skyjack

Event Name: ARA Anaheim 2019

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The Brief

The client brief was minimal. “We need a big presence that delivers at sensible budgets that is suitable for worldwide deployment to really make our competitors sit up and think. Ohh and it needs to be big scale and provide a flexible 50sqm to 250sqm of facilities.”

”We just need a grand solution that will be used often in the USA that is really big and tall that builds with Union labour staff in one and a half days with full graphic cladding”.

Internally the built blocks needed to provide first class office and meeting areas, storage and flexible work spaces all with in-built air conditioning, feature lighting and dual voltage electrics.

Graphics also needed to be seamless and impressive and eco printed.

The Solution

Nothing existed to be able to do this without huge installation and freight costs that just ran everything over budget. So, we set about fundamentally designing, developing and building a totally new and unique modular construction system, based on heavily modified Octanorm components. It’s now so successful and inventive its being considered for a special UK government innovation grant.
Everything packs into a 40ft container. Everything is fully computerised in regards of stock pull, design layout, build implementation and graphic sizings, electrical layouts etc. Custom crating allows for quick on-site handling, where items come to hand in the order components are needed.
Crucially, we also had to provide a design direction that allowed both flexibility of size and that met the clients requirements for something dramatic and bold, to set them apart.
Everything needed to hinge on the client’s single strap-line – Skyjack Simply Reliable.
Our in-house creative team simplified the concept, again and again.
The more they became dramatic and simple, the more everyone felt this represented the ethos of the client’s company.
Simple, however, did not mean a poorly engineered solution. In fact, the simpler it became design-wise, the more engineered and careful the aesthetic had to become. Triangular glass vision panels with a precise relationship to the client’s logo angles; in-built electrical supplies in European, US and English sockets; Light box internal feature walls and bespoke LED lighting.
Our central idea was to develop something others thought impossible. A fully flexible, dramatic and systemised stand construction that took modular construction forward.

The Activation

Fundamental to the projects overall delivery was the need to:

• Minimise initial build and installation costs
• Maximize the size and impressiveness of the end result in the build timings available
• Reduce overall project risk by a methodical and proven design and build approach that utilised untrained general labour
• Cut the costs of drayage and freight
• Provide a dramatic clean line aesthetic base for giant graphical presentations that espoused the clients ‘Simply reliable’ ethos

To achieve these wants we, as above, had to think outside of the box. No current build or systemised method would set the client apart or deliver what we considered the best solution. Therefore, we had to invent one – and this is the path we took.

As worldwide OSPI partners, we were very conversant with the ranges of Octanorm solutions, but they all fell short when timings, weight, cost or flexibility were considered. All of them were complicated and needed careful skilled installation at this size. This was just not possible using labour that was not fully controllable, hence our decision to look closely again at how these materials could be modified to aid construction and offer extra functionality.

Our solution is a system that offers close build control in respect of time and safety in operation both for client and visitors during the show and for the installation staff in construction.

Building quickly and safely to 5 metres has its intrinsic problems and these area by area were engineered out by adopting parameters such as fail-safe lock solutions, safe build access solutions and the correct personal lifting weights for the components etc.

Our designs are fully fabric-clad to provide brilliant graphical opportunities and make full use of our in-house ECO dye sublimation print capabilities.

Packed size and weights were carefully considered so that drayage costs were minimised, and the full solution is designed to provide both build data, packed volumes, weights etc

The Results

The main and most important thing is a very happy client!
So much so, that after the initial installation we were immediately booked for the following six shows in China, Brazil, Germany and the USA with no design modifications or re-work at all. They and their visitors loved it!
In essence:
• Every installation has been conducted 5 hours ahead of predicted timings allowing the client early access to conduct on-site training meetings and briefings with its global staff. This has provided them with another and unexpected benefit.
• Every freight bill has been substantially reduced by approximately 35% over the previous custom build solutions.
• Drayage costs have nearly halved at 55% against custom build.
• Installation costs have remained controlled showing a saving of some 15%

All of this has to be considered in the fact that what we now deliver is a fully functioning 5m high fully graphic covered pavilion that is some 40% larger in footprint than the previous stand build and at less cost to client.
Clients have asked us not to quote specific sales figures, however overall sales from the stand have ‘very substantially’ increased by some 40% (at the bundle of shows that we have employed this new stand at) and this is down to the bespoke, strong and major image enhancement that has occurred at the exhibitions within their budget.
Therefore outcome wise, we have a new development of the Octanorm system that provides us, in the marketplace, with a major competitive lead on both ability, construction timings, safety in operation and importantly a new and impressive design ability. This, coupled, with a reduction in costs of deployment, along with ease of use has major financial benefits to both our client and ourselves. Our newly designed system is currently under further development and is now subject to scrutiny for a UK government innovation grant.