SPICA International

SPICA International

Award: Best Reusable Stand – BRONZE

Agency: LESENO d.o.o.

Client: SPICA International

Event Name: IFSEC 2018

Agency Website: leseno.si





The Brief:  

Spica Int came to us with a design from Gigodesign (a Slovenian design agency). They wanted us to build a stand, which could be used for three shows in 2018. They wanted it to be as clean as possible, modular, but at the same time have as little seams as possible – they didn’t want us to use panels with graphics. Reusability was the main factor.


The Solution:

The first obstacle we ran into was that the client didn’t want to have any traditional beMatrix frames visible, as they didn’t want to see any “double profiles”. Instead of using stock beMatrix frames we build the whole front of the stand from beMatrix b62 profiles. The end result was a construction which looks clean and modern and it seems like it’s welded together. It a completely modular stand, even though it doesn’t look like it. As the client was presenting their cloud-based solution, we finished the fronts of the graphics with semi-transparent fabric to achieve a “cloud-feel”.



Even though our company is based in Slovenia, they wanted us to deliver and execute the stand in London. As the system is very light, we could pack the whole stand in one van. All graphics and covers are reusable, as the covers are fitted with velcro and the fabric is fitted in the slot of the profiles. All of the materials used on this stand were reused on two other shows (we might use them a couple more times in 2019).


The Result:

The client is very happy with how the stand came together and how the end-result looks in person. We exceeded their expectations. The minimalistic approach really paid off, as the client could focus on presenting their product in the best way possible. Everyone who came to the stand was impressed. A job well done.