Stryker Mobile Experience

Stryker Mobile Experience


Agency: ASTOUND Group

Client: Stryker

Event Name: Stryker Mobile Experience

Agency Website:

The Brief

Stryker Surgical Technologies is redefining surgical standards of care by delivering simple solutions for operative teams. They are leading the “way to zero” by helping organizations transform the way they work to prevent harm and focus on caregiver safety. As part of their effort, the Surgical Technologies Mobile Experience Lab was launched alongside a brand-new website –

This unique mobile experience lab is a full-length semitrailer truck that transforms into a teaching and showroom environment to bring the latest safety solutions right to their customers’ doorstep. The experience is helping to create a community between healthcare professionals and Stryker that will guide the future of safe surgical practices. The mobile trailer serves as a way to create unique experiences for a variety of audiences from training, to c-suite meetings and product showcases.

The expandable 60’ trailer became Stryker’s mobile operating room, with eight integrated lab stations that allow visitors to experience Stryker’s line of products and partner technologies. The mobile experience tour launched in Houston, TX and traveled on a 6,149-mile route to visit 17 different locations across the USA.

The Solution and Activation

The Stryker Surgical Technologies Mobile Experience is a 96-foot long semi-truck trailer that has been transformed into a teaching environment for health care providers. Traveling the nation, the Mobile Experience hosts weekly events at different health care institutions in order to help educate healthcare providers on safety in the operating room. The types of events that are held inside the trailer include cadaveric surgeon education courses, continuing education courses for nurses, and product/technique demonstration. The Mobile Experience hit the road in August of 2020 and managed to visit 17 different cities and host 823 health care providers.

The interior build of the custom expandable trailer was strategically designed and engineered to be easily and safely reconfigured for hosting a wide variety of surgical specialties, procedures, and situations. The four unique configurations are as follows: (1) Product Showcase, (2) Voice of Customer, (3) Cadaveric Training, (4) Executive Meeting Suite. To optimize the available floor space of the trailer, the interior includes several hidden features such as projection screens, privacy screen, demo stations, and a functional cadaver fridge which all hide into the walls when not in use. The trailer also features ample storage space and cabinetry to conceal or display products safely, even when closed for transportation – no need to store products and instruments separately while on the road. The lab is also set up to record sessions for future training purposes. Integrated RGB LED lighting allows the Stryker team full control over lighting configurations which was necessary for certain product and instrument demonstrations.

The mobile experience starts with a semi-truck pulling up which then triple expands giving Stryker plenty of space to host a variety of events. The experience is powered by shore power or the generator and is fully equipped with HVAC, electricity, Wi-Fi, and water. Once inside, guests no longer feel like they are inside a semi-truck. At Stryker, their solutions are safeguarding and empowering healthcare professionals, so they can create a safe environment for their team and their patients. Stryker can demonstrate the use of the products at their mobile lab, so healthcare professionals can easily get hands-on experience, wherever they are.

The Results

As of writing this submission, Stryker’s mobile trailer has traveled 6,149 miles, visited 17cities, and trained over 823 healthcare professionals.