Sustainability Stand

Sustainability Stand


Agency: Brandfuel

Client: Google Earth Engine

Event Name: EGU 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

Google is committed to making smart use of the Earth’s resources. The brief from Google Earth Engine was to create a stand that championed sustainability. The objective was to upcycle materials and use them in new and unique ways because Google did not want events where everything ended up being thrown away after.

The client had a similar stand in the US built out of an old barn, but Brandfuel adopted a different approach. We wanted to create a product that was made out of a variation of sustainable materials. We met with a supplier based in Amsterdam who specialises in the process of upcycling and recycling and using it in clever ways.

The Solution

Challenged to create something more impactful and sustainable than previously, we went above and beyond to deliver something unique. Our Sustainable Stand is a perfect example of sustainable construction. The wood came from pallets from medical facilities, metal from an old wartime barn and our counters were made from crushed up plastics and car parts. Even the plant pots were made from old bicycle parts and all plants came from one of our supplier’s greenhouses. They were returned after the event.

It was highly important to go 100% plastic free on the stand. We went 100% plastic free on the stand too, we didn’t use tape, bubble wrap or pallet wrap during the event. We also didn’t throw anything out afterwards.

AV was sourced locally, meaning cutting down on transport. we made sure to source this locally so we cut down on transport. We went 100% plastic-free on the stand too, we didn’t use tape, bubble wrap or pallet wrap at all either in the transport or the event itself.

The Activation

8×8 exhibition space to deliver a space where Earth Engine could engage scientists and answer questions as well as deliver presentations to showcase the applications of the product and inform people of Earth Engine’s capabilities. We had just over a month to produce it and deliver. At the event the stand was built in one day and up for five days.
Austria Center Vienna.

EGU 2019, a global gathering of Geo Scientists that happens every year in Austria and combines a conference, networking and exhibition space.

The Results

Due to the success of the stand at the primary event, Brandfuel continued to use the stand multiple times and in multiple countries for Google. The main impact of this stand is that it has proven to be a reusable and valuable product for the client, whilst still looking premium.

The booth was shared throughout Google and an article created on Google’s Sustainability page to highlight how happy they were. Lots and lots of delegates had photos with the stand and commented on how impressed they were with the stand and loved hearing what interesting and unique materials it was created with.