Temperzone Virtual Exhibition

Temperzone Virtual Exhibition


Agency: Expo Centric

Client: Termperzone

Event Name: ARBS to Virtual

Agency Website: www.expocentric.com.au

The Brief

Temperzone is a leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of air conditioning and ventilation equipment throughout Oceania and Asia. temperzone is also the exclusive distributor of Hitachi Cooling & Heating products within Australia and New Zealand.

As part of their 2020 marketing, temperzone incorporated the ARBS Exhibition (Air conditioning, Refrigeration Building Services Exhibition) as a strategy to reach their target audience. ARBS 2020 was postponed due to COVID-19 and will not be held again until 2022.

Prior to the announcement of ARBS 2020 being postponed, temperzone and Expo Centric has strategically designed 2 12x12m stands for the show.

Stand 1 was designed showcase the temperzone brand and products and stand 2 was designed to showcase the Hitachi range of products. Both stands were designed with similar layouts but used different colour schemes. This intentional design was used to show exhibition attendees that the relationship between the two brands, but also highlight they were different entities.

Both brands are well known in the Australian Air Conditioning market, therefore the primary exhibiting goal was to provide education to exhibition attendees, highlighting their point of difference over other brands in the market.

The Solution and Activation

ARBS 2020 was postponed until 2022.

temperzone still needed to reach their audience and so consultations with Expo Centric started around what they could do as a marketing exercise in lieu of the face to face exhibition.

It was decided that the way to proceed was to digitalise their existing stand designs already prepared for ARBS 2020 and create a virtual experience for their customers using this digitalisation.

The stand designs were already strategically developed with the attendees in mind (customer journey, touch points and branding) so developing a digitisation of the stands would still provide customers with the feeling of being at the exhibition.

Expo Centric and temperzone began a consultative process about the virtual possibilities. The main objectives/inclusions for the virtual stand:
Include multiple digital touch points
One stop for all visual and technical data
A digitalisation to extend the life of the exhibition design
Provide a constant reference point for staff and customers
Options to integrate into other marketing campaigns

The digital representation of the stand incorporated as much interactivity and media into the design as possible. At every touch point a customer can gain multitudes of information about individual products, including viewing the product from all angles, downloading technical specifications, downloading product PDF’s or watching technical demonstration videos.

The design was created to help customers navigate around the stands easily and get information on the spot without the need for further research or contacting the temperzone team.

Only minor changes were made to the design for the original physical stands. The arrangement of products was slightly modified in the digital experience. Products were originally strategically place along the customer journey in the stand design, whereas in the digital experience products, such as control units, were place on the same ‘wall’ making it easy for customers to compare dimensions and shapes.

The Results

The final version of the digitalised stands allows customers to get a feel of the what they would have experienced at ARBS 2020, while also now being a live portal for customers to source product information 24/7.

All touch points are measurable and customer journeys are trackable. Due to the virtual experience is only recently live, data input has not been fully analysed.