The Storywall: Intel @ Mobile World Congress 2019

The Storywall: Intel @ Mobile World Congress 2019


Agency: 2LK Design

Client: Intel Corporation

Event Name: Mobile World Congress 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

Intel brings together wireless technology, computing and the cloud to create a new unified technological foundation and a new, global marketplace rich with opportunities. They needed a powerful exhibit experience at Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC) in Barcelona to communicate their end-to-end leadership position in that 5G ecosystem.

Communicating and marketing intangible technology such as 5G is a major challenge on the MWC trade show floor, where visitors have limited time and exhibitors must fight hard for share of voice.

An unparalleled MWC visitor experience needed to demonstrate Intel’s inimitable position in enabling and unlocking the 5G revolution to enrich lives, transform business and benefit society.

The Solution

The key to success lay in simplifying complex technology through a powerful, dynamic and accessible storytelling device.

The strategy was to leverage technology in a way that brings together four live Super Demo destinations and interactive messaging into one coherent, compelling storytelling experience – with the power of 5G at its core.

Intel’s immersive journey was anchored by The Storywall. This 100m2 3D dynamic projection-mapped model of Barcelona blended together a textured graphic, 12k projection canvas and a kinetic screen to generate the ultimate multimedia storytelling device.

Acting as a dynamic canvas, and combined with an immersive soundscape and focused lighting, The Storywall output a cycle leveraging 5G content and messaging. This multi-layered content delivery system worked in concert with real life application demos to deliver a mesmerising expression of how Intel’s technologies impact on everyday lives across the entire stand.

The Activation

Physical and digital design blended together seamlessly for an epic storytelling experience, as can be seen in our video.

Designed as an integrated part of the physical space, The Storywall delivered bold storytelling across four touchpoints on how Intel’s technologies impact everyday lives.

The screen moved to five locations across the Barcelona model over a 13-minute cycle, first leveraging 5G content and messaging from Intel’s most recent campaign and then stopping in front of each live Super Demo area with supporting on-screen messaging. The LED screen then travelled back to the starting point, supported by ambient visual content, before starting the cycle all over again.

The perpetually changing content kept visitors immersed throughout. The Storywall is a uniquely captivating experience – a focal canvas for Intel’s booth, seamlessly revealing and connecting key stories in a 5G future.

The Results

The stand experience met or surpassed all objectives in terms of NPS, demand creation, press coverage and more, despite having a significantly smaller footprint (and investment) than key competitors, and under the context of fighting for a share of voice amongst more than 2,300 other exhibitors.