Van Marcke – Batibouw 2020

Van Marcke – Batibouw 2020


Agency: Creaplan nv

Client: Van Marcke

Event Name: Batibouw 2020

Agency Website:

The Brief

Van Marcke is a Belgian company specialising in warmth and water home appliances, offering anything for the bathroom, kitchen and more. For this stand, our client asked to put the focus on innovation, by introducing customers and prospects to Van Marcke’s offer using digital integrations

The goal was to create a stand that leaves a lasting impression. The booth had to be visually striking, an eye catcher with innovative product presentation. The technical product info had to be explained in an approachable, non-boring way. They also wanted to boost social media presence and interaction while being able to request input from visitors in an accessible manner.

Unique is that Van Marcke wanted to abandon the idea that you should put as many products as possible on display at the stand. As a result, the stand no longer needed to be so big, so the extra available space, budget and attention could be devoted to the (digital) customer experience.

The Solution and Activation

The stand is divided into several modules. Each module has its own unique digital layer, for example projection mapping, a virtual window, a configurator, …

With this digital layer, we wanted to focus on an interactive customer experience. We provided the stand with various applications that put Van Marcke’s product range in the spotlight in a fun and exciting way.

– The sliding LED screen allows you to ‘scan’ the bathroom to get more information on the different products.

– A transparent OLED screen uses an animation to demonstrate how a shower toilet works.

– James the robot, equipped with a big smile and a personalised seahorse motif tie, welcomes the visitor, brings them to the part of the booth they want to visit and gives more information.

These digital integrations draw the attention of the visitors and invite them to actively discover the brand and products. Staff was available to help with any questions, while the complete catalogue could be digitally consulted on the stand.

We provided a series of appointment kiosks at the stand where visitors could book an appointment in a showroom of their choosing. In the showroom they can then view the models in ‘real life’.

The design of the stand was also looked after with great care. Black steel profiles create separations in the stand without making it look smaller, resulting in a feeling of spaciousness. They add a sober, modern touch that complements the technological integrations. With the decorative furnishings, our designers tried to emulate a feeling of homeliness: as if you step into your own bathroom and immediately see how a Van Marcke product would fit into your home.

As always, we went for a meticulous finish with an eye for detail and used only high-quality materials that emphasise the quality of Van Marcke products.

For this project, we joined forces with Ocular, a company specialised in digital experiences. This allowed us to each play to our strengths and reach a higher level together. Together we created an immersive experience that we’re very proud of. Talk about a great collaboration!

The Results

The customer did not collect any data from the stand, but we gathered following findings:

– The simple explanation of technical installations helped to make it understandable for visitors without any background knowledge

– The focus on experience urged visitors to interact with the products, helped them in getting to know the products better and had them spending more time on the stand

– For the sales staff, the digital integrations were great tools to stimulate sales. They were able to explain their products better to potential customers, resolving doubts and questions