Vocalink, a Mastercard company at Sibos 2019

Vocalink, a Mastercard company at Sibos 2019


Agency: Rapiergroup

Client: Vocalink, a Mastercard company

Event Name: Sibos 2019

Agency Website: www.rapiergroup.com

The Brief

As a first-time exhibitor at Sibos, Mastercard wanted to create an experience that set them apart from their competitors in the exhibition hall. Their aim was to create an immersive environment that encapsulate the brands identity as a technology company and as a lifestyle brand. This identity would be brought to life as ‘the frictionless future, Mastercard’s vision for the future of online payments.

The Solution

Using this inspiring call to action, we created an immersive environment where visitors were invited to come together and talk with the Mastercard team about this vision. Our aim was to create an environment that facilitated these conversations, taking the visitor on an inspirational journey, capturing their imaginations and guiding them through a series of engaging touch points designed to tell the ‘frictionless future’ story.
To show the company as a ‘lifestyle brand’ we presented these touch points in a comfortable, inviting space that aimed to make visitors feel as if they were in a coffee shop or living room! A pallet of natural materials and cosy furniture made the busy space feel inviting, rather than overpowering. Our aim was to create a vibrant atmosphere that people wanted to be part of simply because they were relaxed and felt at home.

The Activation

In the 6 months leading up to Sibos we worked closely with the Mastercard team, developing a design that brought the ‘frictionless future’ story to life through a series of workshops. This collaborative way of working helped us create a comprehensive design that truly understood the intricacies of the story the brand team wanted to tell.
This process helped us create a journey that included activities such as a VR experience, podcast library and interactive hospitality bar. However, the stand’s most impressive feature was a panoramic video screen that was suspended over the stand. Both technically challenging and architecturally impressive, the purpose of the screen was to use animation and video content to bring ‘frictionless future’ story to life in the most impactful way possible. Creating an immersive experience that was embedded into the architecture of the stand – allowing the visitor to feel like they’re inside the Mastercard story. This feature made the Mastercard environment stand out as one of the most engaging exhibits that we have ever created at Sibos.

The Results

The result was an experience totally different from any other stand in the Sibos exhibition hall. By combining a strong narrative with engaging experiences, in an environment that enabled the visitor to feel relaxed, we created a space that encouraged conversation and built an atmosphere of collaboration. Helping the Mastercard team build working relationships that went way beyond the walls of the exhibition hall.