VSAS 2020

VSAS 2020


Agency: Prodigio Digital

Client: AVI-SPL

Event Name: VSAS 2020

Agency Website: prodigio.co.uk

The Brief

The past year has been challenging for our industry as COVID-19 put every country into lockdown, resulting in events and exhibitions being cancelled for the foreseeable future. Facing the prospect of no business in this unprecedented time, Prodigio quickly adapted our services to provide our clients with a new virtual solution that would support them in continuing their conversations with their customers.

AVI-SPL, a leading digital workplace service for businesses and organisations worldwide, were due to be running their important live Sales Acceleration Summit (SAS) within eight weeks, but like many, were faced with cancelling their event and disappointing their vendors and sales teams. This was not going to be an option and a quick decision was made to engage Prodigio to create their very first ‘virtual’ SAS!

With the event initially due to take place in Florida, AVI-SPL asked us to recreate this environment and provide a bespoke experience. The layout and shape were based on our client’s logo.

The Solution and Activation

Within the limited time available, we delivered a custom-built, immersive tradeshow environment, to host AVI-SPL’s selected vendors. With control over graphics, and content, each vendor could fully tailor their individual virtual booth to suit.

All vendors had the use of a wide range of integrated engagement solutions including Demo videos; 3D product showcases; PDF product brochures; Live Chat Integration; Online meeting booking system.

The goal was to move beyond the standard web-based virtual events and create something truly engaging. We pushed the interactive systems to engage and upskill AVI-SPL staff, as well as providing a credible solution for vendor ROI and data capture. Deploying a full login system for the show allowed us to create a custom-built tracking programme to run in the background. This resulted in providing intricate tracking details to vendors both post-show and into the future, in real-time. We have also now introduced our new chat feature, this new feature provides a ‘Public Chat’ board for general messaging to all visitors attending your booth. Plus, the advantage of now being able to make direct video calls as well as text chat, and the option to add multiple people into the conversation easily.

We wanted to make the environment feel like a live experience and to help assist in making reality virtual, we put a big emphasis on the attendee journey.

On the day of the virtual show, the attendee logged into the system via their invitation email and were greeted by a complete user interface. This allowed them to navigate wherever they wanted within the environment. We also included various touchpoints for networking, which we believe will provide a solution in a hybrid format, for those who cannot attend shows in the future.

The Results

The virtual event spanned 3 days with a total of 2,068,966 unique interactions, 1929 live chats, and 3924 booth visits within the expo environment! With over 30 booths to explore and engage with, the average time of each user was 94 minutes, all easily recorded by our tracking programme. We are now working on our 5th virtual event with this client and what makes this custom-built solution truly unique is that once it is built for the client, it can be repurposed, and is live for as long as the environment is hosted. This allows our client to look at the long-term marketing plan, rather than a quick fix!