Weber B2B Mobile Exhibition Truck Tour

Weber B2B Mobile Exhibition Truck Tour


Agency: Xquisite Productions

Client: SC Events Marketing / Weber

Event Name: Weber B2B Mobile Exhibition Truck Tour

Agency Website:

The Brief

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the cancellation of Weber’s usual large presence at a select few UK trade shows, the challenge was to design, manufacture and activate a tradeshow environment to replace Weber attending ‘Glee Birmingham’ in September 2020.

Not only did the activation need to tour 7 cities, including Belfast, Northern Ireland, it was also essential that the activation provided a COVID-19 safe environment for customers to attend.

The activation had to take Weber to the customer, to connect with buyers and let them physically see and experience Weber’s new product range. In addition, it was fundamental that the activation achieved the same number of customers as Glee (160 pre-booked client meetings).

The Solution and Activation

The inspiration for the activation was born out of previous large-scale European touring truck projects that we had developed for other clients.

We challenged ourselves to create something at scale and with full COVID-19 considerations. A walk-through touring exhibition experience space and an environment worthy of showcasing Weber’s brand new product range of BBQ’s.

We designed, 3D modelled, manufactured, built and toured the activation in partnership with SC Events Marketing and Weber.

Hydraulic decks and self-contained walls travelled within the truck and were built out at each location, thereby tripling the footprint of the vehicle body.

Modular internal walls for future-proofing and return on asset investment were fundamental to the design and execution.

Display elements and demo BBQ’s were safely and securely stored within the truck for transportation to both minimise the need for additional ancillary support vehicles and to streamline the activation and staffing numbers.

Ab-initio COVID-19 was at the forefront of the design and execution. A safe environment including a one-way system with directional floor vinyls, dedicated signage and hand sanitising stations were installed throughout to manage and control the flow of customers whilst they interacted with the activation.

A system was put in place to ensure that attendees pre-booked timeslots and they were also guided through the customer journey by dedicated Weber event assistants.

Once built the truck had 60sqm+ exhibition floorspace to showcase Weber’s brand new product range for B2B customers.

The truck was finished to extremely high specifications with brand colours, logos, hero artwork and modular track lighting throughout the internal space.

Alongside the truck there was also a dedicated hospitality marquee structure and separate internal back of house area.

Once customers had exited the truck, they were treated to live cooking demonstrations and samples from chefs in dedicated branded demo tents showcasing and utilising the new BBQ product range.

The touring nature of the truck and activation meant that Weber was able to engage and connect with new buyers from across the UK, some of which may have been too far away from the location of previous trade show activations. This was amidst a backdrop of lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions impacting across the UK whilst the tour was able to prevail.

The truck toured the UK over 4 weeks, visiting stately homes and premium venues in Bristol, Maidstone, Birmingham, Peterborough, Harrogate and Belfast.

The new product range was under strict embargo, so we ensured that privacy and practicality were also at the heart of our design.

The Results

6 out of 7 cities attended (due to COVID-19 restrictions) – Bristol, Maidstone, Birmingham, Peterborough, Harrogate and Belfast.

2 days at each location with an additional day added to the Belfast location to create time for Republic Of Ireland customers to attend.

Achieved 104 customer slots allowing up to 3 guests per hour (312 guests).

Welcomed 67 customers over the 13 days (booked 79, 12 cancelled) (134 guests).

Safe space using a converted 18 tonne truck and additional product demo areas.

All venues were private and away from crowds.