Welcome to MAVENCLAD®

Welcome to MAVENCLAD®

Award: Best Stand at a Healthcare Event – SILVER

Agency: Ashfield Meetings & Events

Client: Merck

Event Name: European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) 2017

Agency Website:  ashfieldmeetings.com





The Brief:  

“Welcome to MAVENCLAD®” at the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) 2017. Our client, Merck, wanted to use ECTRIMS as a launch pad to ensure the product, MAVENCLAD®, was the most visible drug at the annual congress and raise awareness of MAVENCLAD® as the innovatively simple new MS drug for the treatment of active RRMS patients. MAVENCLAD® is the first oral short-term treatment for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS). Prior to the release of MAVENCLAD®, Merck’s available treatment was a daily injectable for mild to moderate MS. The release of MAVENCLAD® was developed to treat moderate to severe MS.
This was the first commercial launch of a product for our client in over fifteen years so creating a positive impact was essential. Key to Merck was clearly changing the efficacy perception, clarifying the positioning of the product and emphasizing that it’s a market leader.


The Solution:

We created a custom-designed stand comprising multiple elements of interactive technology and specialist audio visual screens aimed at immediately intriguing and engaging visitors.
The stand had various zones for the specific areas for MAVENCLAD® & Rebif® as well as adveva post-prescription service and medical education. When attendees entered the booth at the commercial side, they were posed with two separate paths; to continue down the Rebif side and experience life as a patient living with mild to moderate MS, or continue on the MAVENCLAD® side and experience life as a patient living with Moderate to Severe MS.
A dedicated meeting room was provided in the Medical area for more private gatherings. All visitors to the stand were able to enjoy a selection of free hots drinks from the barista coffee services at the “Café de Maven” with a further facility to order a coffee from their seat via our specifically designed coffee app from an iPad, and personally delivered by one of our hostesses. All drinks were served with branded “Café De Maven” coffee sleeves and all drinks were sprinkled with an ‘M’ for MAVENCLAD® on top of the coffee.
To achieve the objectives of ensuring MAVENCLAD® was the most visible drug at the annual congress and raise awareness of the product, attendees journeyed through the exhibit experience with strong branding, emotive content and patient insights. Content became more and more niche as you progress through the zones, ending with a chance to put their knowledge to the test. Through our expertise and unparalleled understanding of engagement, adult learning principles, and emphasis on the patient perspective we were about to deliver a memorable experience for Merck’s HCPs and colleagues.


The Activation:

The Rebif experience was designed to be self-guided and immersive experience with four 60” integrated touchscreens that allowed attendees to learn about product details and history, disease state and the benefits of the drug.
The MAVENCLAD® experience was the key focus for the overall exhibit booth. The back wall for the exhibit featured four 12.1’ wide by 6.2’ tall screens that each had its own specific purpose.

Zone 1
Dual iPad podiums served as controls for the split screen “Le Grand Tour” driving game that was displayed on the screen. The emphasis for the gamification experience was for users to take a journey while being exposed to MAVENCLAD® key messages along the way. The fun, engaging, competitive, shared experience challenged the drivers to see how many key messages they actually recalled. The results were added to a leaderboard and shared during the course of the exhibition.

Zone 2
Attendees could relax at the few tables with built-in iPads near “Café de Maven”, the custom coffee bar serving specialty drinks within the booth. iPads were preloaded with MAVENCLAD® sales kits, allowing attendees to self-educate while being exposed to materials in a pressure free environment with campaign video looping on the screen behind them.

Zone 3
Featured four interactive stadium seats made of high density foam which emulated a drive-in theater viewing experience. What was playing? More branded campaign video content on the “Your journey starts and ends with Merck” dramatizing the closest feeling to life without MS.

Zone 4
The intent here was to start getting the attendees to put all of the information they just learned into practice. Dual iPad podiums served as controls for the “Patient Profile Activity” that allowed attendees to take a look at four patients’ ¬¬medical history and apply the appropriate treatment that fits their needs.


The Result:

The inspiration for the design was derived from an existing campaign – “Your journey starts and ends with Merck.” The goal of the overall campaign was to take the audience on a journey, to a new and exciting destination. Inspired by the Art Deco holiday posters, advertisements, using different modes of stylized transport, the aim was to take the attendee on a journey of discovery, dramatizing the closest feeling to life without MS. All onsite attire was also inspired by the Art Deco theme with ties and brightly colored scarfs, emulating flight attendants of the era.The goal for the congress experience was to double quality interactions with Merck’s customers from the previous year’s booth. Throughout the various engagement elements of the booth and medical education track, Merck tripled their touchpoints to over 12,000 quality interactions. The specialty coffee stand, “Café de Maven”, served over 5,500 coffees at the booth.
The booth exceeded Merck’s objectives of ensuring MAVENCLAD® was the most visible drug at the annual congress and raising awareness of the product. Of all the key messages attendees took home from ECTRIMS conference, the new treatment option of MAVENCLAD® one of the top three messages attendees believed to be the most important.
Attendees ranked the Merck booth highest in all categories across the following categories; credibility of information, impact on practice, scientific advancement, booth creativity and professionalism of staff.