Welsh Government Arab Health 2019

Welsh Government Arab Health 2019


Agency: Event Exhibition & Design

Client: Welsh Government

Event Name: Arab Health 2019

Agency Website: www.event-exhibition.co.uk

The Brief

The client just wanted something really different that made proper use of the new all black corporate identity and to quote ”broke the normal boring mold”

The Solution

Central to our design was the need to gain increased footfall onto the stand and greater engagement generally between the multiple end clients and the trade floor visitor.
Fundamentally, we dispensed entirely with the ‘rabbit hutch’ shell scheme spaces with three walls that are normally used on group pavilions. Our design philosophy allowed for a much more open and conducive overall appearance that encouraged the visitor to float easily between the various exhibitors.
Bringing in a bespoke overhead signage scheme for each exhibitor removed also the usual fascia beam and signage again that added to the openness and totally transformed the overall look and feel.
A central want was to make full use of the available height so the distinctive black Welsh branding could be seen right across the hall.
We also wanted to make sure the stand looked bright and inviting especially as the Welsh Government branding colours are predominantly black. This was achieved by creating a white floor, which reflected light around the stand and we adopted light box illumination methods for all the main graphical areas.
Increasing sight lines and openness was paramount in driving the overall design as we wanted to create a space where all stakeholders, SME’s, Welsh Government support staff and trade show visitors could interact easily.
An initial slight reluctance from the exhibitors to change from the boxed-in ‘rabbit-hutch’ design that they had been used quickly changed. The exhibitors reported a dramatic near 200 % increase in positive inquiries across all the individual areas compared to the traditional booth design they had experienced in previous years at the same exhibition and venue.
A giant LED video wall replaced the previous single AV screen approach, and this provided a brilliant opportunity to showcase Wales in all ways as a destination with potential. This video wall was also utilized by the exhibitors who each showcased their companies with a short video

The Activation

Working in the Gulf has its own unique problems however, we are very much aware of the different build techniques, safety, logistical and graphic supply issues that are encountered by building locally.
Firstly, we consider what are the local teams’ strengths. They build in wood, sand, fill and paint and fill as a standard technique. We therefore designed the overhead suspended banner in sheet material sizes to reduce costs and work to the local labour skills.
With regard to safety we insisted on the crews working from platforms and designed the tower spacings in such a way that these could easily be used
Logistically we opted for a total in-country supply base for all of the stand construction, just taking care of the exhibitor’s freight requirements and using our in-country supplier as a freight forwarding base.
Everything was managed from the UK using video and conference calls, a photographic in shop daily progress record of the pre-build and then our own management team being on site from the initial get in to final pull out. This provided rigorous controls on the standards and accuracy of the supply.
Finally, in show metrics were carefully taken so as to prove or otherwise the effectiveness of the stand and the overall promotion.

The Results

On-site metrics proved to be very interesting recording a nearer 200% increase in serious enquiries leading to a greatly increased after show sales figures (up 160% on the previous show) proved our design philosophy.