Wolf Oil 2019

Wolf Oil 2019


Agency: Expovorm International

Client: Wolf Oil

Event Name: Bauma 2019

Agency Website: expovorm.com

The Brief

The company Wolf Oil makes customer tailored, technology-enhanced lubricants that make engines better, faster, greener and cleaner. Wolf Oil wants to connect with their clients and prospects to offer them real custom made solutions. The main wishes were:

– Modular, reusable flexible system
– A differentiating concept for their two brands to reinforce our brand
– Full service and active global network who uses the same world
leading exhibition system
– An integrated experience (product showcases, a visitors stopping
power and food & beverage)
– A stand design that fits our brand image

They participated shows and events in many different countries, therefor they want this stand to be as modular and reusable as much as possible.

The Solution

The main idea for the stand came together in our design by using only (new) different kind of Octanorm products and services. With magnetic product wall and printed fabric walls it has the visitors stopping power Wolf Oil asked for. Thereby the stand was designed to be modular, suitable for different surface dimensions and still had the same look and feeling they desire. In the design we integrated an optical illusion with sloping walls, causing the storage rooms to “disappear”.
An custom rental Octanorm stand with a optical illusion and a visitors stopping power. Flexible, modular and reusable for all their shows and events. Except for the printed fabric al materials can be reused by us for other customers. Within the stand you would find a magnetic product wall, stunning Octamesh colouring hanging lights, high and low seating areas and 2 storages. By which we met all Wolf Oil wishes as described in the briefing.

The Activation

In the design phase of the project we took into account the usability of all materials. Therefore we used only Octanorm materials. We have chosen the dimensions of our materials in such away that reuse was optimized. All these materials can be reused many times and which gave us the opportunity to change the stand for every location if needed without wasting materials. Description of the used materials:


– Floor: Partially raised Octafloor classic 1 x 1 meter with 12 mm floor
– Walls: Octanorm maxima materials with printed fabrics and
magnetic wall
– Ceiling: Octarig combined with maxima
– Lighting: Octa leds and Octamesh
– Storage, counter and displays different Octanorm materials
– Packaging, wooden transport/storage boxes made by us and reused
many times for many years.

Even the printed materials can be reused. Only if our client wants to change the print, we have to replace it. Because of this way of working we can achieve a level of more than 95% reusability. Making the right choices in materials, packing and transport is essential to creating a reusable stand.

The Results

Our costumer was satisfied with the outcome and achieved all their set goals. We are very pleased with the results so far (see pictures enclosed). Up to this day we have built this design 2 times for two different exhibits and probable more times in the near future.