Wood at Offshore Europe 2019 – Art of the Possible

Wood at Offshore Europe 2019 – Art of the Possible


Agency: Bray Leino Events

Client: Wood

Event Name: Offshore Europe 2019

Agency Website: www.brayleinoevents.com

The Brief

Following a large acquisition, Wood undertook a complete rebrand over 18 months ago, doubling in size and quickly broadening its’ profile within the energy sector beyond the traditional Oil & Gas market with a diverse new capability under a single name.

As a strategic partner of Wood, Bray Leino Events were responsible for launching this new brand through a global programme of exhibitions.
Over a year from the rebrand, the story needed to evolve in order to reposition the brand in mature markets to break old perceptions and show how much the business had changed. Integral to this was looking at their exhibition presence from a new perspective. Taking the radical new look of the brand it was agreed that an equally disruptive approach was needed for their storytelling at events.

We were challenged to design and create an exhibition space for Wood at Offshore Europe 2019 that would really stand out, push the boundaries in its approach and be completely different within an energy sector show.

As Henri Matisse once said, “Creativity takes Courage”. Wood were ready to be courageous and push the boundaries in its approach.

The key objectives for the exhibition were to educate the audience on how Wood’s capabilities have evolved over time from the past, through the present and into the future using a unique and innovative way of telling their story. Success would be measured via the number of leads captured, digital online engagements, and meaningful conversations taking place – the quality of those conversations being much more important than the quantity.

The project also needed to be designed in such a way that elements of it could be repurposed for use at other events within different regions.

The Solution

To really stand out we needed to go against the grain with a disruptive concept that is not the norm in a sector which generally plays it safe. Working collaboratively with Wood, our in-house creative team came up with a completely different model of storytelling to present the Wood story.

Introducing ‘Art of the Possible.’ The Wood experience at Offshore Europe was created as an interactive art gallery with each story element presented as a piece of art. This told the Wood story demonstrating their overall capabilities from decommissioning through the transition to the future of renewable energy.

Art of the Possible illustrates the history of innovation at Wood and its application in the energy industry. The concept engages the visitor to focus on specific, key areas of importance highlighting some of the ingenious solutions Wood have made possible. It looks to the future and each of the activations give Wood an excellent way of communicating with their clients.

Ultimately, Art of the Possible takes the storytelling out of its traditional mould and looks to another area of life, the art gallery, to put the information to the visitor in a different, more focused way. People are familiar with the art gallery concept, just not in this context, therefore it works as a powerful way to gain their interest and engagement.

The Activation

Considering the visitor journey was of key importance when designing the exhibition space for Art of the Possible. We therefore divided the space into three distinct zones, each one focusing on a different era for Wood, from the past to the present through to the future.

The past zone identified the vast capabilities of Wood. The present highlights the story of decommission and transition into the future which features the story of renewable technologies.

Each of the zones were set out as a gallery featuring a series of unique and engaging installations to help educate the visitor on Wood’s capabilities, which were developed by Wood’s in-house creative team. By using a mixture of technology and more traditional methods they were able to deliver a specific message through each piece. Each installation featured a QR code which then took the visitor back to a microsite where they could learn more.

Some of the art installations included:

– ‘Our World at your fingertips – an interactive sculpture’ – this interactive globe invites the visitor to select a country and the interactive hotspots then provide more about Wood’s presence in that region.

– ‘The Lens of Change – anaglyph screen print’ – Here the visitor must choose a pair of red or blue glasses to wear and decode the messages in our anaglyph. Each message is aimed at a specific audience.

– ‘The Future of Energy – interactive art’ – Wood are focused on addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the energy industry and wanted to capture thoughts and insights from the audience at Offshore Europe. Visitors were therefore encouraged to contribute to this interactive artwork by placing stickers on the canvas to represent the two areas they feel will have the most impact on the pace and extent of the energy transition. The final piece was then shared on social media to encourage amplification.

The Results

The ‘Art of the Possible’ concept was a great success and reflected a true partnership approach where Wood and Bray Leino Events were able to come together and combine their expertise as one team, to really bring the idea to life.

Bray Leino Events created the initial gallery concept and the idea of presenting the Wood story through the medium of art and utilising innovative visual techniques. The Wood team used their knowledge of the industry and their in-house creative teams to develop print, sculptural and digital content for the art installations. By collaborating in this way, we were able to get the best result overall.

To measure success, alongside lead capture and qualitative feedback techniques, the Wood team developed a microsite which could be accessed via QR codes on each of the pieces of art. This encouraged the visitor to click through and find out more, allowing Wood to capture new leads which could then be followed up. This was also supported by a strong social media campaign pre, during and post event and this again directed the visitor back to the microsite.

Initial feedback is extremely positive – the stand really stood out as one to visit and was incredibly busy throughout the show with lots of meaningful conversations taking place. The microsite received 1,685 page views during Offshore Europe, and 254 qualified leads were captured for Business Development, Supply Chain and Recruitment. Furthermore, the social media presence was huge, with the Wood LinkedIn page receiving 32,091 clicks and amassing 5,700 new followers over the 7 days during Offshore Europe.

Preparations are already underway to repurpose the concept for upcoming shows in other markets such as the Middle East. However, it’s an ever-evolving process, and we look forward to coming up with new and innovative solutions to help Wood exceed their goals and engage with their audiences around the world.