WorkGenius @ OMR 2019

WorkGenius @ OMR 2019



Client: WorkGenius

Event Name: OMR

Agency Website:

The Brief

The customer:
WorkGenius is a digital workforce solution leveraging AI to adapt to current labor trends and power the future of work. The WorkGenius platform matches enterprises with on-demand teams from a network of 350,000 vetted professionals (“Geniuses”) within minutes. The platform’s technology handles the selection and verification of expert freelancers, project results, IP transfers, invoicing, and delivery to reduce overhead — enabling organizations to accomplish their digital projects in record speed and costs at scale.

The event:
OMR is the largest digital marketing event in Europe. For two days, marketing executives and industry’s big player meet at the fairgrounds in Hamburg, Germany. There are a large number of international exhibitors, numerous workshops and hundreds of keynotes.
Within just a few years, the conference has evolved from a regional convention event with 200 invited guests, to an international event and trade show that attracted 52,000 visitors and more than 400 exhibitors in 2019.
Based on standardized exhibition areas, a Premium exhibitor can book spaces 7,5 by 7,5 m and is free in the booth design.

The Brief:
Hard facts: a corner booth 7,5 x 7,5 m, possibility given to suspend from hall ceiling.

Soft facts:
It was WorkGenius first appearance as an exhibitor at the OMR and also its first individual designed booth presentation. As a fairly young and quite unknown brand (at least in comparison to exhibitors like Google, Facebook, Stroer, Xing, …) they wanted to achieve the following with their participation:
– Increase brand awareness
– Establish brand trust
– Generate new B2B leads
– Bring Freelancer to the platform

Thus, we had to consider two very different target groups that needed to be attracted by the booth design. It had to reflect an innovative, modern style, staged in an eye-catching manner and to present a product that is not tangible or visible.

The Solution

The booth was in need to create an overall atmosphere of a cosy but professional space where visitors want to sit down and get in touch with consultants to understand WorkGenius‘ offered solutions.
Main goal for the booth design: Get the visitors on the booth so the WorkGenius team can interact and explain the new ways of work for 2 target groups a) B2B Leads that request freelancers and b) for possible freelancers that are looking for opportunities.
The booth size for this tasks is not really big if you seek for a lot of dialogues, respectively space to conduct those talks.
We decided that we need to create an inviting but also protected „room“ – so that the actual space was visibly separated from the busy hallways. Thus, we created an exterior facade and suspended banner elements for a tapered entrance portal derived from the language of form of the WorkGenius word mark. This formed a surrounding, enclosed space that helped to create a secured but not closed-off area and at the same time transported the dynamic of the brand and people. The banner with its outstanding form included also the logo and worked as a distant effect to attract visitors to have a closer look.
The design for the space itself followed the character of a cozy, modern co-working space, where both B2B contacts and private individuals as potential freelancers got attracted and had different occasions to get to know the brand and seek advice about WorkGenius service portfolio.
In order to build up trust in the brand, we decided to use the wall areas for graphics to tell the visitors visibly at one glance the range of services and who already has trusted WorkGenius. One of their main performance promise was highlighted by neon signs to function as THE eye-catcher inside and as a ice breaker (why 28?).
An overall cozy, modern, young but also professional space was developed that created an eye-catching appearance, comfortable atmosphere and that functioned as a a great networking platform.

The Activation

We used an aluminium frame with blockout, printed fabric for the banner solution. Many warm LED spots created a nice and cozy, but also bright and focused atmosphere within the booth area. A spacious bar counter was placed central in the area with direct connection to a small storage room, so that the functional use was given. Free coffee was served here and we integrated different power supplies in the counter. Several seating possibilities in different sizes were spread over the rest of the booth area for divers talk needs.
We created the modern and cozy mood by the selection of various trendy design furniture, a mixed collage of frames with pictures from the WorkGenius team and integrated screens as well as candy bar. A flooring in concrete look supported the modern loft character.
The wall construction was made of Octanorm Maxima and printed fabrics, except for the two niches.
To optically separate and highlight the candy bar and the small lounge for more private talks from the rest of the booth area, we decided to use hard panels, partly continuing as flooring, in a strong color, which is part of the client’s Corporate Design.
Accompanying marketing communication for the whole event participation was made weeks before the event with an instagram campaign “15 reasons why you have to visit WorkGenius at OMR”. A sneak peak of the booth design was shown here to give a hint of the outcome and to make sure people find their way to the booth. Moreover, an E-Mail invitation to a booth party after the first day with free Gin & Tonic was sent out.

The Results

In numbers:
– 812 talks conducted
– 475 new established contacts
– 12.000 grounded coffee beans
– 1.425 mixed drinks
WorkGenius feedback was overall happy and positive. The booth design did its job as we promised. Visitors stopped to check the design and automatically wanted to know who the exhibitor was and what they have to offer. The lighting and seating possibilities were emphasised that people felt so comfortable that they did not want to leave (probably the free coffee also was a reason)
More than 810 talks in 2 days means that more than 45 conversations were conducted in one hour! Brand awareness was definitely achieved – and since WorkGenius will exhibit again in 2020, they are happy with the overall results and so are we.