Xbox One X Launch @ Gamescom

Xbox One X Launch @ Gamescom

Award: Best Storytelling – SILVER

Agency: Envy Create Ltd

Client: Xbox

Event Name: Gamescom – Xbox One X Launch

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The Brief:  

Create an Experience within a Booth that launches the new Xbox One X and enables the audience to truly experience the benefits to the new console and instil passion, and enable sharing, and engagement across all of the amazing content.


The Solution:

We created a Booth of nearly 2,000 sqm in size incorporating over 250 consoles and PC’s with an array of content like visiting a theme park with it’s many rides (in this case different game content titles), a large stage with triple panoramic screen, a unique Xbox One X Experience made up of 3 key chapters, as well as unique Stream Pod elevated above the booth and adjacent the stage for a key vantage point for content creators.
The main stage was purposely positioned the center of the booth with an uninterrupted view of its triple panoramic screen set up more than 80 feet wide, which ensured that everyone who entered the hall would immediately be engaged and drawn in to the amazing and dynamic content. Drawn in to the Booth, they then would discover all of the key titles of Microsoft’s line up, attracting consumers in to try each and every title much like the various rides of a theme park. Designed to be purposely at a series and variety of heights, layouts, appearance and set up, and where the exit of each experience would bring each consumer to the entrance of the next experience.
The hallmark of the show however was the Xbox One X Experience, as this was the first time that the Public could experience the new console soon to be launched.



The Experience was made up of a series of key chapters; 1. Hardware Intro; They would enter the Hardware Display Room where the beautiful new form factor was shown off with unique insights in to the design teams journey to design the most beautiful console yet designed 2. Feature Experience; The Xbox One X Theater with a full 4D Cinematic Experience of all of the amazing new features of the new console, experiencing all of them at an Epic Scale with Dolby Atmos 360 surround sound, 4K Theater, motion seats, and extending LED’s wrapping the content around the room. 3. Hands On; Once the fans had now seen the new amazing form factor and experienced and learnt about the richness of the amazing new power and features, they then would have the chance to try it themselves with uninterrupted game play, supported by Microsoft’s Experts to assist in any question or support they may have. 4. SWAG Giveaway: everyone who went through the Xbox One X Experience Received a unique SWAG Bag of Xbox One X Goodies with limited edition content just for them, 5. Social & Share; Everyone who went through the experience had the chance to be in the Commercial, where they would do a quick video and be dropped in to the main Xbox One X TV Commercial, and receive a copy that they could share among their friends and community 6. Meet the Team; finally, they were able to meet some of the Microsoft Studios Team and ask them anything they wish, as well as take a selfie or film a personal Vlog with them.
This was storytelling of an unparalleled level. This enabled the audience to immerse themselves in every aspect of the new hardware at every level, firstly see and learn about the design, then experience and learn about the amazing game changing features, then try it for themselves with assisted experts, after which they could create unique social content, receive a limited edition gift to always remember the experience, and finally meet the development team to have a 1:1 discussion and interview.


The Result:

With over 345,000 Booth Interactions, 12.6 Million Impressions, $7.1M of Pre-orders placed, and a 258% uplift in Social Sharing the measurable impact and results were undeniable. However, the Fan Sentiment was incredible, they we captured as saying ‘I have never experienced anything this amazing at a Show and I have traveled the World to every Gaming Show I can attend including E3 and Gamescom for the last 10 years and this was the Best experience I have ever seen.’ This became the template for all future events worldwide for Xbox and became the Global Case Study that all proceeding shows aspired to and emulated.

This was Storytelling Success at a whole new level and proved an unbridled success.