Xerox – DRUPA 2016

Xerox – DRUPA 2016


  • Best Stand 1000sqm and over – SILVER
  • Best Stand at a Print Event – SILVER

Agency: M-integrated solutions

Client: Xerox

Event Name: DRUPA 2016

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The Brief:  

Drupa – the world’s premier print show – runs in Dusseldorf Germany every four years. (The word drupa is a portmanteau of the German words druck und papier, print and paper!) In June 2016 M-Integrated Solutions planned and delivered, for the fourth time, Xerox’s presence at the show. M was tasked with showcasing the newest technologies and offerings from the complete Xerox portfolio to existing and new customers, in particular to those from developing markets. The theme for the Xerox stand was to be Let the work flow, in reference to Xerox’s ability to offer customers full end-to-end solutions, to demonstrate that their business is about even more than printer hardware excellence.


The Solution:

M created a colossal show-stealing space that displayed examples of print engines from the full Xerox range, as well as software solutions and print applications. It included a Welcome Centre and areas for meeting and networking, in this way becoming inherently useful to all exhibition visitors, the place to gather, the place to meet colleagues and clients. More than simply showing hardware in a shop-style format, visitors were able to engage with Xerox solutions, enjoy demonstrations and use the solutions for their own practical needs while visiting drupa.

An area was given over to “a theatre,” a nightclub almost, with a 3-metre high catwalk stage at the front with a 20 metre LED screen behind it. A 15-minute show was developed and produced by M featuring live performances from global music brand Ministry of Sound and a five-piece dance group, all acted out above the heads of the audience on the catwalk stage. The show’s narrative and content, all created by M, included original video shoots from Europe and North America along with extensive post production animation carried out by our in-house digital team.



The show’s narrative drew parallels between the radical changes in the music industry and in the print industry. Changes from vinyl and CD to digital downloads and streaming were compared with the digital revolution in the print industry moving from litho-print to ink jet technology: positioning Ministry of Sound and Xerox as pioneers in both their respective industries.

In music and film M demonstrated that just as music has changed ‘disrupted, transformed and re-invented’, so print – led by Xerox – has changed too, with more ‘automation, integration and value add.’

The Xerox exhibition space reflected the live show’s messaging, showing that print too is ‘in the mix and more personal.’ Xerox’s overarching message – Let the Work Flow – was highlighted with the theme of the live stage set: ‘Let the Music Flow’.

drupa has been re-positioned to better demonstrate the industry growth potential and future themes such as 3D printing, functional printing and packaging printing. The Xerox Centre reflected all this and its live shows – a huge asset to the exhibition – demonstrated the vitality at the heart of the print business, specifically emanating from an industry leader, Xerox.
The Xerox offering at drupa 2016 was the most momentous and memorable of all the exhibitors. It was strikingly high-profile, ambitious and successful.

In terms of brand-awareness it maintained and added to Xerox’s position in the print world. In practical terms it matched Xerox solutions to print technology requirements and the ability to work industriously and economically: Let the Work Flow.


The Result:

Over 11 days more than quarter of a million visitors from almost 200 countries visited drupa 2016, the world’s biggest and most important trade fair for print and crossmedia solutions. They were exposed to 1,837 exhibitors from 54 countries and M ensured that Xerox, not just for size, scale and sound, but for style, function and utility, stood out, was memorable and lived up to and exceeded its reputation as the stand out supplier at the event.

Xerox unanimously reported excellent business deals, extremely promising contacts and positive feedback from the global print industry.

Xerox’s exhibition presence, its practical offering and its showstopper extravaganza, were, for Xerox, part of its wider marketing efforts, telling its story of stability (a huge presence in the print world), of technological advance (changing fast, mirrored by the music world) and necessity for global business (Let the Work Flow).